10 comments on “Golden Dawn NY Baby Food Drive: Fighting the genocidal “Child Tax” measures of the Greek Government.

  1. I’m impressed with the Golden Dawns decision to try and increase the Greek fertility rate. The more children the stronger the Greek tribe will become in future generations.

  2. I am located in Australia, am I able to help? if so how so? posting food? gift vouchers? look forward to feed back.

  3. Hi,
    Wouldn’t this complaint be more effective, if White children or at the very least, ethnic Greek children are named inside your complaint?

    As worded you are saying, non-Whites should also be allowed to have as many children as they want, while they are inside Greece. I know this is not your intention, but word usage is critical in politics.

    Also I want to point out, higher birth rates of ethnic Greeks, will not stop White Genocide, as long as the anti-Whites are allowed to flood unending millions of non-Whites, into White countries and force integrate everyone.

    There are already enough non-Whites in White countries, to destroy the entire White race, if massive immigration and forced integration is allowed to continue.

    Japan has a lower birth rate than the West, but Japan is almost 100% Japanese, because no one is trying to blend out the Japanese. They are only doing this in White countries. What the anti-Whites are attempting is White Genocide.

    • Greece is not a country of the new world and things are different as such. Greek citizenship still goes by descent and not by simply being born on Greek land. Most all foreigners are not paying taxes at all and work entirely in a black economy. There are simply Greeks, and foreigners in our homeland. Not “asian greeks” or “african-greeks” etc.

      • Thank you for that explanation. I assume the anti-Whites are hard at work, trying to change your citizenship laws, as they did all of ours.

        I expect they will use “collecting taxes” and “for the economy”, to justify genocide. They do it to us, as a matter of routine.

  4. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I have been meaning to reblog this particular piece for a long time.

    The Child Tax being imposed on the native European people of Greek Ancestry is a form of active genocide.

    The same thing is happening in the USA, but the people of White European descent may not be fully aware of how they are being taxed for simply bringing their white European progeny into the world. I have said often on other blogs ( ex: SBPDL) that America has been a communist state for a long time, we just have been told that it is a ‘capitalist’ nation. Makow notes this on his blog. The USA is in fact a turd painted gold.

    White families are taxed for having white children of European in a number of ways. White teenagers when applying for higher education get little to no free aid even if they are low income. Their parents and they are funding the education of minorities. Eric Holder, the DOJ head in the US Federal Government, has just recently stated that no white person can be a victim of a hate crime in America. Oprah Winfrey and Tim Wise have both come out on record as saying that white people and/or older white people need to die. Fomenting genocide perhaps? The public schools in the US are being flooded with ‘economic’ refugees who barely speak English and sap our school systems of resources that we Whites in the USA pay for our children. Many public schools are so chaotic in the US that parents by the hundreds of thousands are now homeschooling their kids.

    Finally, over the last couple of decades, I have come in contact with numerous white professional couples and middle class couples who have had difficulty conceiving. Many of these good people delayed having families because they wanted to do things right by working and establishing themselves in their jobs such they could save money and be responsible in setting up their families. Consequently, many of these people started having children later and had to pay for assisted fertility procedures that can run tens of thousands of dollars. Is this not a form of white child bearing taxation?

    So, the White European people in USA’s situation is not unlike the Greek’s conundrum, yet many US citizens do not ‘see’ because they have been brainwashed by our education systems, by Talmudvision, and by the news media. Furthermore, there has been an intentional information blackout regarding the Nationalist movements in Europe by our media, government, and even by such blogs as Amren, and the Council of Conservative Citizens.

    I can only hope that everyday US citizens awaken from the haze and realize that there is a conscientious plan set for our displacement and extermination.

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