11 comments on “Local activism in Astoria: Greek-Americans give Golden Dawn NY warm reception! Δραστηριότητες Τοπικών: Νέας Υόρκης

  1. Now this is most heart warming, to see the influence of Golden Dawn slowly spreading through America and bringing light to those who have lost their way, a great role model to follow

    • We have heard this stupid argument over and over from people like this it’s almost like these people are cloned. Are you people even capable of understanding the difference between legal Greek immigrants in a country built on immigration, and our indigenous homeland being swarmed with 3 million illegal immigrants in a small country of 10 million? who have not been invited by the indigenous Greek people?

      These people have been raping robbing and murdering the indigenous people at a rate they have never seen before. There is also evidence of our hostile neighbor Turkey using these Muslim immigrants as human weapons to destabilize our country.

      If Pakistanis in America were supporting a nationalistic party when the british were colonizing their homeland, would you tell the Pakistani americans that they shouldn’t be nationalistic because they are immigrants just like the British in Pakistan? I wager you would not, because you are simply against indigenous Greeks.

      Would you mind explaining why none of you can tell the difference? Or will you just dissappear like the cowards that you are when your arguments get challenged.?

      • Seriously??? You people are so narrow minded!! Illegal immigrants? Your problem is not only against people from Middle East that are entering Greece from the Turkish borders, its against any immigrant, like Albanians who have been living in Greece for more than a decade. And yeah those illegal immigrants are not invited by Greek people but Greek people kind of welcome them when it comes to using them as cheap labor (for example the case in Manoloda). So yes, Greeks do not welcome foreigners but they can exploit them??
        Or the Albanians or Georgians were good enough during the ’90s that were cheap labor for the construction jobs but now that they have their own jobs and some Greeks don’t, we should kick those people out? If you kick all those people out, who is going to rent the extra apartments that most Greeks have? Like seriously?!!! I am totally against illegal immigration and yes Greece can not support 3million immigrants, especially during a recession but there are immigrants everywhere like yourselves that have worked hard for a better life and to be able to provide more to their famlies.

      • Golden Dawn was speaking out against those immigrants in the early 90’s and warning about opening the borders when all these “Democrats” didn’t care and wanted the cheap labor. So while your argument is valid for average Greek “Social Democrats” and “conservatives” it does not apply and Is Not valid for Golden Dawn. And before 1991 for years Greece was just fine without the “crisis of renting apartments” A Country with population growth and a protected social nationalist economy will not need Albanians and Pakistanis to rent aparments. You call us narrow minded but it is you that cannot broaden your mind enough to understand that history and logic proves you don’t need foreigners to survive as a country. Stop being such a parrot and use that supposed “open mind” of yours.

        “Like Seriously”

  2. Which population growth are you even talking about? (http://www.tradingeconomics.com/greece/population-growth-annual-percent-wb-data.html ) Statistics show something else…

    Yes America is a country based on immigration but England, Netherlands and Germany are not..and you are saying that all the Northern European countries should kick out the thousands of Greeks that are trying to find jobs there right now so they “protect” their country and their economy.. Young Greeks (like myself) are desperate and a lot of us had to leave Greece and look for a better life just like people did in the ’90s in our country! So yes, I am open minded because I have had immigrants in my country but now I am an immigrant myself and I appreciate it when people in the hosting country are welcoming and helpful and not beating me to death because I am a foreigner.

    • Statistics show something else…

      You are using statistics from the World Bank to try and prove Greece is not going through Major Population Changes? There are two possibilities with you Ms.Konstantinou,

      Option 1. You are an idiot.
      Option 2. You are a liar.

      Let’s try to find out which one it is. Now let’s assume the World Bank numbers are correct, it says Greece is going into only a very slow population decline, however this link you provided does not take any Ethnic Data, it claims it takes a population count on both legal and illegal people. Assuming the “World Bank” (the same world bank that is pushing Austerity in Greece) is telling the truth that would mean that the reason why the population is not declining drastically now is directly due to the Ethnic Greeks being replaced by millions of Muslims. There have been more deaths than births in Greece since the 90’s


      and some estimates have the birth rate estimated as low as 1.39, and all sources you can find prove this, in fact it’s one of the lowest in the European Union, which has the lowest in the world as a whole.

      Now, that information is easily available, so you are either too stupid to figure out what those statistics you provided mean, or you are willfully pretending to be ignorant, which makes you a liar. I don’t think you are such an unintelligent lady Ms. Konstantinou, so I’m placing my money on “Liar”.

      Ok let’s look at the next quote of you:

      “Yes America is a country based on immigration but England, Netherlands and Germany are not..and you are saying that all the Northern European countries should kick out the thousands of Greeks that are trying to find jobs there right now so they “protect” their country and their economy.

      Ok, so now you are admitting you are capable of telling the difference between America and Greece, but let’s look at the next argument you are bringing up. I myself studied in the Netherlands and have also lived and worked in both Greece and the United States so I am familiar with what you are talking about.

      Historically, England, the Netherlands and Germany were not built on immigration like America like you said. However after the 2nd World War this changed and their modern economies had a great deal of benefit from immigration, These countries, particularly Germany and the Netherlands, had an industrial economy with many factories and not enough workers to fill the positions, so they organized a controlled visa program and offered foreigners, Including Greeks of course to come to the country legally. They controlled the number based on the demand of the industry. Is that the case in Greece? Of course it isn’t. You know it and I know it. So, no I am not saying Northern European countries should kick out Greeks to protect their countries economy, but the Northern European countries legally brought the Greeks to boost their industrial economy in the first place, PASOK and Nea Demokratia illegally brought millions of foreigners to lower the price of labor, so the rich could make more money. That’s quite a difference wouldn’t you agree? Now you are saying that though you can understand the difference with America with Greece, you can’t for Northern Europe with Greece? Ms. Konstantinou, even the most stupid xoriatissa can understand that, and I think you can too, surely you don’t expect us to believe that do you?

      As for the beatings you speak of, other than the fact that in Northern Europe Greeks were invited as controlled guest workers as visas to meet the demand, Greeks, unlike Turks, Moroccans and other Muslim immigrants have no reputation for committing brutal rapes and murders when they are in the host country. Now most people like you say “Greeks commit crimes too” and of course that is true, but the rate of these crimes, and the type of crimes involved are EXTREMELY different when comparing to Muslim immigrants in Northern Europe. Statistics and the average opinion of most any German or Dutch you find on the street can verify this.

      There are Muslim neighborhoods all over Northern Europe where the Native people are afraid to walk in, but not a single neighborhood with Greek Immigrants where this is the case. There are no recorded cases similar to what happened to the 14 year old Girl Myrto Papadomihelaki,


      who was beaten half to death in Paros and then raped by a Pakistani immigrant who had both a Job on the island, and was living in a Hotel provided to him by his greedy Greek employer happening to Northern Europeans at the hands of employed Greek immigrants.

      This is why there is not the extreme danger of Greek immigrants getting “beaten” as you say.

      If you would be so kind Ms. Konstantinou, could you please answer one question for me? I understand you don’t approve of the violence against illegal muslim invaders in Greece, since you are so “Open Minded” and caring, but if you are truly so “Open Minded” and caring as you claim, you should also be just as angry about the far more numerous cases of violence and rapes against Greeks as well right? If that is true, could you tell me, why is it that the international media talks about the problem of violence against immigrants in Greece, but stories about the violence against Greeks from immigrants never make it into the English or International media? You do care about stopping violence no matter who commits it don’t you? So why do you think that is?

      I sincerely hope you are honest enough to answer this, I know for a fact that you are probably not currently an immigrant in Northern Europe like you claim, because your IP address is on forthnet, which as you and I both know is a Greek only provider. Now either you are a liar, claiming to be a Greek immigrant in Northern Europe to make your argument that it’s ok Greece is being overrun by Muslims, or you are back in Greece on vacation, which means you probably are not struggling so much and live in a very sheltered world where you can get granted an extended vacation from your employer, leave your hard immigrant job in Northern Europe to come back to Greece in September and have the time to post your opinions on the website of Golden Dawn New York.

      Bella Vita Indeed!

    • The basic premise of immigration requires immigrants to some extent assimilate with the host nation,be willing to work and respect the customs of their host nation. Muslim immigrants are interested in none of the above. What they are interested in, is usurping law and order and imposing sharia law and converting or killing non muslims. What benefit did those welfare receiving Nigerians in London who beheaded a British soldier bring to the United Kingdom?

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