5 comments on “Bishop Anthimos: “I call the Golden Dawn to feed illegal immigrants!” Μητροπολίτης Άνθιμος: “Καλώ την Χρυσή Αυγή να σιτίζει και λαθρομετανάστες”!

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    Synergy between Christianity and Islam. Islam builds mosques, Christianity feeds the poor Muslims. BDSM in the religious realm. It is obvious why (most) Arabs crush Christianity. A Christian Saudi-Arabia or Qatar would invite the whole world and squander their resources and wealth. The only thing that can save Christianity is praying for the conversion of Saudi-Arabia and Qatar, or Christianity is done for.

  2. I don’t think the New Testament demands unlimited charity without distinction. There are various limits placed on charity, off the top of my head the one requiring young widows to work. Also Paul demanded obedience to secular authority. Unfortunately no Christian church anywhere seems immune from progressivism.

  3. He is only one of the bishops and the point of this article is to turn up the heat on Bp. Anthimos while making a point of how Golden Dawn is staying in the news. Good read! Put that episcopas back into his place. You know that the Church is on your side, Golden Dawn.

  4. Τον αράπη κι αν τον πλένεις, το σαπούνι σου χαλάς.

    No matter how much you wash a black person, you are wasting your soap.

    This proverb is mainly used to express the futility of trying to change the mentality of a headstrong person (the color of a black person cannot be washed off) and it does not have racist connotations. In modern Greek, the word “αράπης” (arapis — black man) is a lay (and at times borderline pejorative) term — originally probably derived from the word “Άραβας” (Aravas — Arab).

    Appearances often are deceiving.
    –Aesop (~550 BC)

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