3 comments on “New Bad Joke From Neo-PASOK: SYRIZA Now Trying To Sell Patriotism! -Νέο πολιτικό ανέκδοτο: «Πατριωτική τάση» δημιουργεί ο Σύριζα

  1. Όποιος γίνεται πρόβατο τον τρώει ο λύκος

    Translation: He who becomes a sheep is eaten by the wolf.

    Meaning: Follow the wrong people, and you will fail with them.


    Does the good man always lose?

    From the moment I started reading the Stoics I was struck by the compelling
    nature of their reasoning; why weren’t these men better known? Why do we
    misuse the word Stoic? Like Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full, I came to realise
    that I had been looking for answers in all the wrong places. How many today
    realise that the Greeks invented Grammar, Geography, Oratory, Rhetoric,
    Logic, Poetry, Theatre, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Democracy,
    Architecture, Natural History, Economics, Gastronomy, Law, Science, and
    made vast improvements in the Arts and Métiers? Why did this people
    produce so many great leaders and thinkers in just two centuries? The more I
    learned about the Greeks, the better I understood the genius of Western
    civilization, and the more I learned about Western civilization the wider the
    distance between Western and Eastern thought became. We moderns have
    blurred this distinction. Witness current interests in Indian shamans, Mayan
    Elders, astrology, earthquakes, sunspots, Kabbala, Nostradamus, Eastern
    religions, tarot, meditation, spiritualism, conspiracies, and our curiosity
    about vampires, the occult, fantasy and science fiction. Socrates would have
    asked questions about each of these chimeras that would have made them
    appear fantastic non-sense and brought them to ridicule. We do not ask these
    questions, we are tolerant, sympathetic, non-judgemental, and this is why we
    as a people are heading in an Eastern direction that is cloaking reality with
    delusion and deception.



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