11 comments on “Scientifically Proven: The Racial Origins of Intelligence Αποδείχτηκε η φυλετική προέλευση της ευφυΐας

  1. History of the race and intelligence controversy

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    The history of the race and intelligence controversy concerns the historical development of a debate, concerning possible explanations of group differences encountered in the study of race and intelligence. Since the beginning of IQ testing around the time of World War I there have been observed differences between average scores of different population groups, but there has been no agreement about whether this is mainly due to environmental and cultural factors, or mainly due to some genetic factor, or even if the dichotomy between environmental and genetic factors is a correct approach to the debate.



  2. This was unnecessary. Embracing theoretical intellectual differences between different peoples of different races is complete racism. Greek Nationalism should not include a slice of racism. Nationalism is the want for cultural, biological, and religious preservation. Wanting Greece to be for those who carry the genes of the various ancient Greek tribes of the past does not mean you have to try and prove other people from around the world are inferior. As a Greek friend of several non-whites or non-Greeks I found this article to be a disappointment towards the Golden Dawn. I don’t dislike or hate anyone, however I would not want to visit a Greece flooded with Slavic ”Macedonians”. I am not racist against these people. I am not racist against Pakistanis either, I just don’t want them in Greece. The Golden Dawn should feel the same way.

    • The article does not talk about superiority vs. Inferiority. But Race and Nation are intertwined, just as the connection between biological intelligence and heredity is intertwined. If you want to believe in politically correct fantasies to suit your social life that is your right. But then perhaps Golden Dawn is not the right party for you to be supporting if you equate understanding realities of race with hatred. There are plenty of watered down conservative movements that follow a politically correct line for you to follow, perhaps they would make you feel better.

      And just out of curiosity, we know you were the same one who had no clue about Slavic Skopians in a post over one month ago and so why are you claiming to be Greek now? Just to give your argument more validity Mr Gartner?

      • I am a Greek American. I never knew anything about Skopians because I was educated and raised in the U.S. My father made his last name up. That’s why it does not sound Greek. As fishy as that sounds to you that is the truth. Greeks in Greece might know a lot about ”Macedonia” because its an neighboring nation and had played a role in their history. Someone from Greece might also not know anything about Mexico or the war fought between the U.S. and Mexico because they could care less. However as an American of Greek origin, after visiting Greece several times I had gained an interest in my national heritage. After doing my own research I had learned things I never knew. Like Greece during world war two. A nation that fought off the Italians and dared to defy the Germans who had already conquered France and Poland. The Last time I was in Greece things were bad and then I had heard about the Golden Dawn and that they help Greeks. I respect this movement. I only thought that this article was a little off the boat.

  3. “Embracing theoretical intellectual differences between different peoples of different races is complete racism.”

    Its a fact. Are facts racist? Lol.
    You don’t need concrete evidence to know something is true. Some dogs are smarter than others, we knew that before we knew what DNA was. The same can be found out in humans. The difference between dogs and humans though is that people will get butt hurt if you tell the truth on the subject.

    “Greek Nationalism should not include a slice of racism.”

    Yes, it should. Any opposition to another race of people will be called racist (If you’re White). Greeks must oppose arabs, blacks, and asians if they are to keep Greece Greek. They should also discriminate intra-racially against other, non-greek, Whites. There is probably a faggot term for that, I can’t think of it right now though if there is one.

    “Wanting Greece to be for those who carry the genes of the various ancient Greek tribes of the past does not mean you have to try and prove other people from around the world are inferior.”

    No one has to prove that some peoples are smarter than others. All they are doing is echoing information that reaffirms what people already know.

    “The Golden Dawn should feel the same way.”

    Don’t tell Golden Dawn how they should feel.

    • Like I had already said, I have non-white or non-Greek friends and I do not see any reason to consider them inferior. One could easily see the difference between a German shepherd dog and a poodle. As for humans it is different so your example is not valid.

      • Listen, it’s not valid for you simply because it does not suit your social life. Any true Greek Nationalist in Greece and the scientists that do this type of research know that it is valid. We suggest you find somewhere else to go to play in politically correct fantasy. Discussion with liars, fakes and wishful thinkers has no puropose here.

  4. Very good article, Nationalists have always been the ones to seek real truths for the good of their Nation, a Nation cannot survive or be happy on lies and deceit. The best propaganda is truth. Even without this, it’s pretty certain that race has a lot to do with Intelligence/Brain Size, but this definitely puts that nail in the coffin.

    Thanks for this guys, I love reading the articles from this site and the Global News Room. I studied Greece and other Ancient/Neolithic civilizations in Europe a lot when I was a kid and sometimes still do, I can’t wait until the day Golden Dawn takes Greece and gives it back to the people, your people deserve it after all that they have given. I have good faith that you guys will succeed.

    The truth will always win out in the end. Leftists/Liberals(Commies) will always seek to hide/distort the truth just because it makes them feel good in their social lives. The age of lies is over, Nationalists are taking over. 🙂

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