2 comments on “The Establishment Conspiring To Sabotage Golden Dawn At The Ballot Box-Σατανικό σχέδιο ανάσχεσης της Χρυσής Αυγής δια της υποχρεωτικής αποχής!

  1. Sounds like something that fucking Obamaturd would try to pull here but it won,t work, just like us here in 2014 Golden Dawn will have it,s victory and sweep out the temples with trumpets and drums, hail Golden Dawn, bringing light to a darkened world


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



    1 Specific Methods
    1.1 Electorate manipulation
    1.1.1 Manipulation of demography
    1.1.2 Disenfranchisement

    1.2 Intimidation
    1.3 Vote buying
    1.4 Misinformation
    1.5 Misleading or confusing ballot papers
    1.6 Ballot stuffing
    1.7 Misrecording of votes
    1.8 Misuse of proxy votes
    1.9 Destruction or invalidation of ballots
    1.10 Tampering with electronic voting machines

    2 Vote fraud in legislature
    3 Prevention 3.1 Mores
    3.2 Secret ballot
    3.3 Transparency
    3.4 Statistical indicators
    3.5 Prosecution
    3.6 Voting machine integrity

    4 Notable legislation 4.1 Help America Vote Act
    4.2 Civil Rights Act of 1964

    5 See also
    6 References
    7 Further reading
    8 External links

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