4 comments on “Golden Dawn does not even lose half a percentage point in polls! Δημοσκόπηση κόλαφος για το καθεστώς: Ούτε μισή μονάδα δεν πέφτει η Χρυσή Αυγή!

  1. I see God’s providence at work. The Greek people have played special, leading roles in the intellectual and spiritual development of humanity, and now are playing a special, leading role in its political and social renewal through the force of social nationalism.

  2. This was basically the last card that the media could play against the people’s party. The media is speaking and No One is listening to their lies any longer!

  3. It is oddly familiar scenario being played out here. The Golden Dawn should not fall into the trap.

    You have the public order Minister who has been anti-Golden Dawn since day one, even meeting with foreign groups who have an opinion on the GD.

    1) The enemies of the GD have realized slander has failed against the GD, so now their looking to hurt the GD by banning it or threatening to ban it, but despite all the media hype there is no real way they can ban the GD in any democratic way, so this talk of “banning” is all talk.

    2) It is a big gamble by the regime to take, because there is no real way they can ban them simply by labeling them “criminal organization” because of actions taken by independent members of the GD. After all, the GD is far less criminal than the other parties of Syriza, KKE, and Poask. Syriza members have been involved in murders, robberies, and other assorted crimes, therefore they could also be banned. The Communist have a pretty nasty history as well and their members have attacked GD offices, they also have links to far-left terrorist who’ve used bombs. Also, a “criminal organization” would be Poask, they’ve stolen millions from Greece.

  4. Proving that people are no longer listening to the media or George Soros,s lies any longer Hail Golden Dawn, bringing light to a darkened world

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