5 comments on “PASOK, ND, SYRIZA, the left, and the instigation of murders by illegal immigrants. LIST OF THE DEAD

  1. Please keep on posting here because google is not translating the official greek site anymore…has the Big Brother decided to stop the music?

  2. It is fantastic that this list started appearing. The media prostitutes refuse to report murders like these because it isn’t in their interest. This has to go spiral all over the world so everyone can see how many murders like these have occurred. Why doesn’t the media report that this guy was a former COMMUNIST (KKE) member (FOR YEARS probably). Then he kills someone (in which they still aren’t sure how this actually happened) and the media grabs this story and twists it). This bandwagon “supporter” came around after the elections. And the liberal democratic and leftist Greeks are uniting now? Well let those democratic Greeks be aware these anarchists call for the death of Greece as a nation and openly burn their own flags. Have committed terrorist acts in the past (or do people quickly forget November 17?). Why doesn’t someone start pulling out a list (and I’m sure its HUGE) of criminals associated with PASOK, NEA DIMOKRATIA , KKE and the Coalition SYRIZA (before they united) from the last 3 decades or so? If anything that is what I hope the guys reading this do next.
    And just for everyone to know, these leftists aren’t as many as the media is trying to make them seem. 10,000 protesting in Athens isn’t a huge number. In fact that numbers to one fifth of what Golden Dawn had (50,000!) for Imia just this last February. Their numbers have declined and they are so desperate they are trying anything these days. In time more people will see that every other political establishment is working against the Greek people. And their anarchist stooges are doing the dirty work for them. We know that the media is lying about their %. It has become such a threat to the other parties that they are pulling all stops to end the people’s party. Golden Dawn stand strong. We know YOU only are for the Greek people.

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