4 comments on “Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos: “Golden Dawn Does Not Die!”

  1. This is a pivotal moment in Golden Dawn’s history… heck, Greece’s history (probably even that of Western Civilization)!

    God bless you, the freedom fighters against the criminal cabal that has destroyed at least thousands of Greeks’ lives and is responsible for the illegal immigrants’ hateful crimes against Greek citizens… yet they use an infiltrated member’s murder of a leftist (who WILLFULLY identified himself and openly stated his party “sympathies”!) and many other bogus crime stories purposefully attributed to GD in order to stifle resistance against the looting of the Greek nation. There are no words to describe how twisted, extremist, murderous, criminal, demonic and just plain satanic are the perpetrators of the current situation, neither in Greek, nor in French, nor in Russian or any other languages of men!

    Stay strong, Greek brothers, we’re supporting you, even as you’re being subject to a show trial in the lion’s den.

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