8 comments on “THIS JUST IN: Nikolaos Michaloliakos Arrested ! ΣΥΜΒΑΙΝΕΙ ΤΩΡΑ: Συνελήφθη ο Νικόλαος Γ. Μιχαλολιάκος!

  1. yet the real murderers and thieves run freely. These psefto ellines are nothing but turks who just happen to speak greek. We all know how we dealt with turks in the past. We got rid of them and sent them packing. One cant wash Sh#$#T one flushes it down the toilet. Samaras and Venizelos better stay in the US and never come back to Greece. traitors dont belong in greece. Long live golden dawn from us in
    South Africa

  2. Bullshit tactics that only force can stop. The depths of these traitors will go to keep people enslaved and tortured vy the invaders called migrants. Time for talk is over

    • i agree. you cant play democratic games with a dictatorship. the only thing a dictatorship understands is force. The commie filth uses democracy to install dictatorships then democracy stops for everyone.

  3. This will make Golden Dawn stronger. They can’t outlaw an idea. They can’t outlaw the passion in the hearts of the Greek people, or of of White people everywhere. They can’t outlaw the fact that they destroyed the country with treason to aliens and that ordinary Greek people understand that.

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