11 comments on “Jewish bosses of Samaras praise him for the political persecution of Golden Dawn.

  1. Do these Jewish bosses have “white privilege” according to the ideology of the Radical Left? If Jews by definition cannot have “white privilege”, Zionism cannot, by definition, be “racist”. This will mean that the Radical Left will have to give Zionist Jews (and their Christian allies) free reign in Palestine and beyond. This will destabilize SW Asia, and open the possibility of introducing a new religious ideology that will replace Judaism and Islam.

  2. Jews are not Semitic, they are Turkic- Khazarian Neanderthals, who are genetically at odds with the Caucasian race, and the cradle of Democracy, Hellas If ever there were rationales to explain the rise of Hitler, and the German desire for a ‘final solution,’ these actions clearly illustrate why Hitler was correct. God DAMN the Jews. As one Israeli said on a You Tube video (so it’s documented) ‘We killed Christ, we’ll kill you, too!’

  3. Antisemitism if the reason why I can never support golden dawn. It just reveals them for the neo-nazis they are. I was not sure until I saw this website and how it is littered with anti-semite nonsense.

    • In light of all the seriousness, sometimes it’s nice to have a laugh. So, why don’t you enlighten us, how is this article “Anti-Semitic nonsense”?

      • Your site is riddled with anti-Jewish statements. This article you wrote reads like something out of Der Sturmer. If this site is trying to get support from American Greeks, you failed badly, anti-semitism is not part of mainstream discourse here. I am proud of my Greek heritage, and very disturbed by what is going on in Greece. But your website helped prove that the golden dawn is simply a collection of neo-nazi thugs. No thanks.

        PS: If you are going to play coy, maybe you and your party should drop the swastika looking symbol, not fooling anyone you know.

    • Actually there are many Greek-Americans who support the people’s party. Thousands all over the country my friend. The facts are proven by actions. Samaras went to New York, met with 4 major Jewish groups as did Venizelos about a week prior. Then suddenly there is a non-existing law that samaras and his coalition of death introduce to arrest party members. This is an obvious desperate attempt to attack the party and end it. Why can’t jews just kept out of Greek affairs ? Of course not. Explain why samaras made it top agenda to announce to the jews that he will “eradicate” the people’s party? But this is just a bunch of nonsense right….who are you kidding

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