4 comments on “Illegal Immigrants “Reconquer” Parks And Plazas In Athens After Persecution of Golden Dawn- Πλημμύρισε η Αθήνα από λαθρομετανάστες μετά την πολιτική δίωξη κατά της Χρυσής Αυγής

  1. Greece needs you now more than ever. Any and all illegal aliens anywhere should be deported from whence they came. Borders need tightening against these parasites who destroy national cultures. FightOn

  2. These immigrants have but one agenda upon reaching civilisation and that is to bring the host country down to the level of that which they have left and, to steal whatever assets they can from those who have welcomed them. Golden Dawn were removed from the scene because they catered for the indigenous Greeks and, this is exactly what will happen to all such political party’s everywhere unless a stand against the incumbent corrupt regimes is made, starting with Greece!

  3. Third world immigrants are parasites used to break the resolve of their hosts by exploiting their cultured sense of fair play. Before long they are swamped and their children dumbed down and stripped of their identity. Any resistance (like Golden Dawn) is crushed, through propaganda and arrest. So effective is it that the indigenous people end up turning on each other. Result; an easy to manage population that is uncivilised and willing to live in squalor. Time for us to believe our eyes, not what we are told.

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