12 comments on “N.G. Michaloliakos: “The Last Faithful”

    • King. He should be King. The Land is the People, the People is the Land. A People needs a King, who is one of them. “Democracy” enables a Tribe of vicious aliens to slither in, and usurp power,

      A People needs a King.

    • Samaras and Venizelos should be so honorable as this man, but they are only “criminal puppets” and tools working for the IMF, EU and Germany. They have sold their own country for a few pieces of silver and would have sold out even Jesus Christ if they had live 2500 years ago. They would have sold Greece to the Persians back in ancient times as well, of this I am certain! They have no souls, only greed for money and power that they in no way deserve!

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    Great poem/essay by Nikos Michaloliakos. Truth and reality are stronger than George Soros and the globalists/oligarchs. They can’t sustain their agenda, whatever their agenda is, especially now that we are aware of the agenda and are doing everything we can to resist it. Their agenda required our complacency and ignorance. That’s gone.

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    Vikings take heart. The West is not lost- it is being reborn. We can beat globalism and its Zio managers. Golden Dawn is an inspiration, as they are lighting the way for the West’s rebound.

  3. God bless Greece and her people, and God bless Golden Dawn. I salute you, and pray for Michaloliakos – he is a hero and light in the darkness. Fuck the globalists, they are feeling nervous which is why they do this to him. Too late, the horse is out of the barn and we see what’s going on. Soon all Europe will have ‘Golden Dawns” in each country. It’s time! We’re going t throw off the chains and the Zionist joo bankers are worried. It’s obvious.

  4. Stand tall,Mr. Michaloliakos, every nationalist on this PLANET stands beside you and Golden Dawn. We are wide awake,ready,willing,and able and no matter what happens in Greece the cause of Golden Dawn will prevail. I do not believe that when Golden Dawn first began it ever thought it would be the bright shining Dawn for the entire Western World, but that is what it has become;an inspiration to all of us.

    For every one of our lost comrades in Greece, the Zionists will pay a price in each and every Western nation where they exert their power and rob the people of their money. We will NOT STOP until our European and Western nations are run by THEIR European and Western PEOPLES. We will not submit to stealth Israeli leaders or bow to Jooish customs and we will punish your puppets politically with the deprivations and humiliations you have wrought upon US until there is no one willing to take up your globalist banner any longer.

    You can rage against the coming of the light, but you cannot stop the earth from turning.


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