4 comments on “Our comrade, Our brother, Our friend: Ilias Panagiotaros returns to St.Pantelimonas

  1. What a disgrace! Are you “people” retarded coming to the greatest melting pot in the world preaching your hate garbage? You obviously are…

    • So when the Israeli lobby in America supports the ultra nationalist likud party that supports dna tests to verify who gets citizenship and butchers palestinians do you have equally an issue about that, or are you simply anti greek?

    • Every nation in the world has the right to defend it’s people from invasion, violent or subtle, and from exploitation by a foreign power. Only the truly hate filled and blinkered progressive liberals claim anyone defending what is theirs, by rights, from outsiders is racist.
      Obviously Steve thinks the early American slaughter of the native tribes was justified. Those nasty native American racists got what they deserved?

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