9 comments on “Bishop Pavlos of Glyfada Speaks Out: “They Have Jailed the Victims instead of the Abusers”!

  1. Its just amazing how Orthodox Bishops are on the ‘side’ of nationalists. Like in Russia when there is a anti-homosexual and various marches, the Orthodox church is on the side of the nationalists.

    This is why the bishops and priests in Britain are brainwashed by the liberal zionists! They don’t read the bible, they read anti white and anti European hatred from the vile Karl Marx Communist Manifesto book!

    The Jews and marxists taken over everything and brainwashing White people in Britain on a daily basis! We need help, no one is waking up! A population over 70 million which is hard to wake up, but I want the UK government and regime to be history so we can have a Racial National Socialist government in Britain and Ireland!

    I support Golden Dawn and Nationalists in Slavic Nations because they are our racial brothers!



    • I notice the Greek Press gives very little coverage in the news about what the Bishop said and never says anything in the news about the 2 criminal gangs from PASOK & New Democracy Parties running this Government of Thieves, Liars & Crooks who created all these problems today? It was PASOK & ND Parties who created Golden Dawn and the Far Left by their corrupt rule and mismanagement of Greece. (Akis Tzahadzopolous from PASOK is just one example of their corruption).

      WHY ISN’T PRESS ASKING the following questions:
      1.) Why isn’t PASOK’s MP Venizelos in jail for hiding the Legarde List 2 years in his home?
      2.) Why isn’t PASOK’s Finance MP Papconstantiou in jail for removing his relative’s names on the List?
      3.) What about PASOK & ND Partise still owing 250 million Euros to the Banks in phony loans they have not paid back yet?

      It seems to me the Gov’t and Press is using Golden Dawn as a “distraction” to take attention away from the Massive Crimes these two corrupt Parties have committed as well as Treason against the whole Greek nation after 37 years of corrupt rule!

  2. Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    “They were wrong when they opened our borders in 1990, wrong when they tried to make it easy for the foreigners to get citizenship. We welcome those from all countries as tourists, but they should go back to their homelands”

  3. Personally, I’m pagan. But I wish there were more Christian leaders like this guy. Here in the US, it seems like the churches are all run by a bunch of Anti-Whites, and exist solely to pump money out of the white community and use it to breed more and more non-whites. They act like they are ending poverty or something, when they are just massively perpetuating it.

    • Antifa: Anarchists and Communists. God: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Triglav: Svarog, Perun and Veles. The Judeo-Islamic idea that God cannot consist of several Persons is a lie. Hell is eternal.

  4. I’m Agnostic. But guys like this deserve respect, Orthodoxy is an old tradition that should be respected like any other tradition of Europe, New and Old. Top bloke for speaking out, Greece is highly Orthodox, his influence and courage to speak out will help greatly.

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