5 comments on “A Message from our Comrade Christos Pappas: “Nationalists do not back down!”

  1. God be with you all. You deny it but you men are living heroes; a small band of men that decided to fight the Zionist slave system.

    If the unjust system does not kill you men with their dirty cryptic methods, you men wil be out to guide Hell as to freedom.

    We love you brothers!
    God be with you!!!

  2. Even though the foe seems all powerful ,they are just greedy cowards bowing to the Jew`s money, eliminate their source of funding and the rest will follow

  3. If only we had statesmen like Chris Pappas in the United States, we would be able to shake and prosecute the Zionist criminals trying to bring our mighty nations down. Hail Golden Dawn! We are with you. Strength and Honor!

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