5 comments on “Golden Dawn New York Division Holds Conference on Recent Events.

  1. Keep up the fight Golden Dawn. I am an Aryan and Slavic. Born in Canada but live in the States. My father is European.

    All people of European descent must take the attitude that an attack on one group of European people is an attack on all European people, whether in Europe, S. Africa, or in Australia or New Zealand. This is New World Order is in fact tyranny by Jews and Zionists who wish to impose their values on the Christian West. This tyranny’s has been orchestrated in the US since the Civil War, in Germany before and after both WW’s and now it is trying to take hold of all of Europe.

    I am inspired by Golden Dawn. Keep up the fight! The West will not be subjugated.

  2. get the Hell out of our country…you kind of people are not welcome here. Most Americans will STOP you. We all are aware of you or are making everyone aware of you criminals. GET OUT of htis country or we will SHOW YOU THE DOOR

    • Uh huh, stop us from what sending food to our people in Greece? What are you “Americans” doing that you are so concerned about, are we interfering with your mall shopping or ball game watching?

    • No one has been convicted here of any crime, sending food to greece and trying to help 1 out of 4 people who go to bed hungry is not a crime, what has happened in Greece with the killing still needs to be tried and convicted, I am an American born of Greek heritage and I am not a right wing supporter but who created the so called monster Golden Dawn, exactly those who are in power now, if you don’t want these types of parties to gain leverage then the people of Greece need to shape up and investigate those in power who allowed the sabatoge of its own people and are still in power, peaceful solutions with pen & tongue are the right way to go and hurting or killing anyone over politics must cease but it’s up to the people who live in Greece to show those they elect that there are serious consequences for your actions and jail time can apply to you as well, Mr. Samaras has in my opinion had no business whatsoever to strike deals and sign agreements for the hydrocarbons underneath the feet of the Greek people which is kinda like their only hope to remove themselves from this crises, this should not of been signed by anyone without any real guarantee for the Greek peoples benefit, these actions should be brought forth and investigated by the Greek people as many other actions by politicians as such, remember we can still be a democratic nation as long as those elected realize their are consequences for their actions while in power if this does not occur neither will Greece ever restore order as a stable nation ever again..Pericles

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