3 comments on “Ex-Minister Of Justice Antonis Roupakiotis: Persecutions Of Golden Dawn “On Instruction From Jewish-American Organizations”- Καμία απάντηση στις βόμβες Ρουπακιώτη: Σιωπηρή αποδοχή Σαμαρά ότι εκτελεί εντολές ξένων

  1. I also heard about a Left-Wing, Eirini Maroupa, condemning the arrests as politically motivated and even stated how Samaras just wanted to appease the American Jewish lobby. Even though these people are completely on the opposite end of the spectrum in politics, they can see the fowl play involved as they dismantle the so-called ‘Democracy’ they oh-so worship.

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    In my psychic journey this past year to retrace the steps back to finding my White European identity, I have made the discovery that the United States Empire and its government purchased by the Zionists is the greatest enemy of people of European descent the world over. The New World Order wishes to erase all ethnic identity of people and wipe out individual nations’ identities. This New World order run by Jews, Zionists, and bought out race / ethno traitors wishes to subjugate Europe, America, Canada, Australia, etc. They flood our countries with Third World economic refugees to decimate our way of life and to commit ethnocide. They wish to bring back the feudal system to Europe and make all people of European descent serfs again. They flood our public schools with illiterates who act out such that our own kids cannot learn and hence become illiterate, again rendering us to serfdom.

    The Internet with its blogs is the printing press. We must use this resource to establish contact and network with other like minded people. European descended people must band together and fight this hydra that has co-opted the US Government, the European Union, and that is now trying impose its Judaeo Communism onto individual nations, for example, the flooding of Sweden with Syrian refugees.

    Western Civilization has an openness to it due to its belief in individual thought and expression. It was this openness and positive outlook that the Zionists and Judaeo Communists used against us. It is now time to practice different mindset, for this is war and all is fair in live and in war. Christ practiced and preached love but he also showed anger by turning over the tables of the money changers. It is time to turn the tables and to rid the West of the parasites

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