10 comments on “COLLAPSING PROPAGANDA: 43,000 Greeks polled and Golden Dawn comes in 2nd!

  1. This is even more meaningful than the numbers themselves. Do not forget Golden Dawn is under a systematic barrage of anti-propaganda, lies and misinformation both nationally and internationaly. Their leader is in jail and there’s a quango “judicial process” on the books against the party. A lot of Greeks, and even more non-Greeks are only getting distorted, lying info about GD.

    Yet, YET! Despite all of this, factors that would seem like unsurmountable odds for any political force, GD is coming down on 2nd place.

    Imagine for one moment…if Golden Dawn was allowed to compete on the public political arena on equal terms, under a just, fair and unbiased media intent just on reporting facts as they are, rather than being tools of the current system.

    Does *anyone* here doubt Golden Dawn would be number 1? And by how many vantage points?

    Please realize the true importance of this, and what it means for other European nations that do not yet have a visible nationalistic movement. We in the West live in the most well-organized, well-funded, technological advanced form of soft Orwellian tyranny the planet has ever seen. Every great tyrant and oppressor in human history would foam at the mouth.

    Yet, a group of Greek nationalists, faced with these behemoths, are making them quiver in fear and winning against them, even when the rules of the game are changed to stack the playboard against them.

    The desperation of the system, both the Greek one and the European Superstate is so obvious, so visible and palpable you can’t help but smile upon seeing it.

    I think we are witnessing the Crossing of the Rubicon. As of now there is no turning back, GD is here to stay and is growing. The system can not destroy the party with destroying the tattered illusion of legitimacy it still clings to. Even if the enemy was to hunt all GD member and supporter and vaporize them, the ideals would remain. But “democracy” would have eaten itself and the backlash could be even a civil war. The mask of “liberal democracv”, long rotten and cracked, is falling away as we speak and showing the BEAST that lurks underneath. Even some acolytes of the system, not the evil malicious ones but the duped, useful idiot stooges that have been indoctrinated to believe deeply in the lies, are coming out in condemnation of their Lords & Masters shoving aside their holy “democratic” ideals for expediency and for holding on to power like hungry leeches.

    We live in a political paradox that can not last forever and will not last that much longer. “Tyrannos” now rule a system of “Dēmokratia”, the forces inherent in the system pull each other apart, the center cannot hold, the whole edifice is beginning to collapse. According to the current branwashing propaganda, repeated and crammed into our Western heads for the earliest age, the foundational stone of the “great” system we call “Democracy” is that when the Dēmos decides the rulers have to concede their Krateō to someone else, it will be so. The leader needs permission to rule and rules only by consent.

    But our “leaders” are just stooges to moneyed interests and outside aliens. They are simply puppets addicted to money, to power, to prestige, to their own egos and to the ability of telling others what to do (and to sex and drugs too more often than not).

    These creatures, if they had enough humanity to be considered human, could concede gracefully and step down from their positions when it is clear their subjects do not want them. In their own manner they fought the good fight, they lorded it over for many decades but now their time has run its course. Just like the God-Kings of old, the medieval Feudal Lords and the post-renaissance Absolute Monarchs they are now obsolete. They are no longer needed. They are no longer wanted. They stand now only as a flimsy dam against the marching tide of history.

    They know it.

    We know it.

    But they will not concede. They will not give up gracefully. They will not accept Fate.

    They will cling, by hook and crook, to their power and money. They will latch on to the corridors and seats of political power even if it leads to their nations being ripped apart and their people suffering. They will fluster and buster and spout and foam with faux righteous indignation at their adversaries and at what is coming and is right, fair, just and needed. They will break each and every rule, law and ideal they pretended to hold dear. They will order their hounds, who by then will be reduced in number, to be unleashed to crack down on the populace to force them into obedience when all arguments fail (because there was never nothing to argument about in the first place) and only brute force remains.

    King Louis XIV of France had the words “Ultima Ratio Regum” (last argument of kings) inscribed upon the canons of his army. Political power is force, it is directed violence and the threat of aggression against those that do not follow the rules.

    They all know it.

    We all know it.

    And Gold Dawn knows it.

    And *that* is why the kings of our current age will begin to fall. Because despite all their efforts, all their propaganda, and their cultural marxism, all their post-modern, anti-human and anti-Folk ideas they have foisted upon the brains of several generations of European children the Man of the West is still here, and my oh my he is really pissed off! He follows rules and laws, but demands they are fair, legitimate, just and sensible; He is honorable but he is not naive; He respects rightful authority but he is not and will never be a slave; He detests senseless violence and destruction but he is not afraid to fight if called upon; He is gifted with deep patience, almost self-mortification even, but when a certain line is crossed his full fury begins to be unleashed; and when that happens the consequences make the world quiver and drain the blood from the faces of the enemy. Like a mountainous giant he is ponderous to rise, and ignores or accepts many minor bards and darts…but beware! For when He is fully risen and strides the lands, the Earth trembles.

    To put it succinctly, the system had deluded itself into to thinking the Man of the West had no fight left in him. Now as he rises his fist in righteous anger, knowing his enemy and driven by relentless purpose; they *fear* him.

    Oh…how they do fear him. And what joy it is to witness their dread!

    Thus this supported in Iberia, says from the depths of his heart:

    Νίκη για την Χρυσή Αυγή!

    Victory to Golden Dawn!

    May they be the inspiration for other Europeans to follow!

    • A friend of mine who runs a very nice and well read blog asked me to ask you if you could write this in a letter to her so that she could publish this

      • Thank you for your kind words DY. I am glad you liked it.

        I have no objection to any like-minded comrades using what I wrote, or what I may write, on their blogs. What do you mean by writing your friend a letter? Spellcheck, revise, re-edit and send it as an e-mail, or blog comment?

        Let me know. If you wish to reach me by e-mail you can do so at sebastianmessiah@gmail.com

  2. This is inspiring news! The arrest of GD leaders was a transparent assault designed to de-legitimize GD as a bona fide political party. The allegations in the information, indictment (or whatever a criminal complaint is called under Greek criminal law) are nakedly incendiary, “a criminal organization,” a conspiracy of thugs, etc. ad nauseam. They smell like a RICO complaint in the U.S. and the problem with prosecutorial allegations is that, in and of themselves, they carry shock effect and stick in the minds of the public, even if disproved. GD should immediately wage a legal counter-assault through the courts and media – alleging relatiatory and false prosecution, false arrest, etc. of GD leaders and file a concurrent civil complaint for defamation and related civil causes of action. The government should not be allowed to silence a legitimate and popular poltical party solely because the Zionists, the US State Department and the EU’s politically correct committee doesn’t approve of their politics. Free the GD 5 !!!

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