5 comments on “EXAMPLE: Blatant lies of the British Press

  1. Reblogged this on Deconstructing Leftism and commented:
    Again it’s a case of Nazis! NAZIS! NAAAAAZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS!!!!!!!
    Once you see this symbol repeated it’s so common as to be almost invisible. You’ve probably seen in on pottery and dishes countless times. Journalists are supposed to, you know, look stuff up? Investigate things? Ask questions? Even the lamest “journalist” in the world can look something up on Wikipedia-
    But, somebody said it looked like a swastika, so the lemming herd of conformist leftists just go with that.
    As I just said leftism is entirely built on lies. It’s not even necessary to say the truth, just asking “Is that true?” is like throwing holy water on them.

  2. Greeks have always had Elphiates in our midst like this woman, many others in the media and current and past Greek politicians.

  3. The Greek people never deserved any of this, I visited often in the late 60’s and your quality of life was much higher then.

    Soros has much penance to pay, let it be soon along with his shadowy masters and acolytes.

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