8 comments on “George Soros: “Tap into Greece’s Oil Reserves to Pay Off Debt”

  1. George Soros? Before leaving Hungary to go to London his name was György Schwartz.
    Check out his role in the Russian oil deal before Putin put a stop to it, and get it from there!
    As long as people do not know the crude facts, history will repeat itself.

  2. Soros is indeed the puppetmaster throughout the world. He bought off the US media to enable unqualified Barry Soetoro to become elected President over the Clinton machine in 2008.
    This continued in 2012, with hacking Romney’s Opera system on election day and pursuing voter fraud on a national scale, which he knew the national media would not recognize or cover.
    The US mainstream media is complicit with the treasonous and fraudulent regime that currently is running the US into the ground. His fraud and manipulation knows no bounds in promoting this failed agenda of governing.

  3. Ah…good’ol George Soros. Let us analise his words.

    “We all know that the country’s debt can not be repaid”

    Indeed, and that is why what we need is a Debt Jubilee, and the banks can go jump off a cliff for all we care. Even the people from the Iron Age were more sensible about the issue of debt than we are.

    “Greece could recover quickly.”

    Even if this was true, and even if your concept of “recovery” meant something for the man on the street and not just high numbers in the stock market, what is the point of a recovery just to have another bust and crisis further down the line courtesy of the vultures, of which George Soros is a prime example of?

    “The normal sectors can not currently delete these debts because it would violate a number of taboos, especially for the European Central Bank.”

    Actually, they can. Because all it would take would be a little typing on a computer terminal somewhere: whoosh! debt gone!

    Also, I do not care about taboos, the ECB is not my God and George Soros’ religion is not my own. So take your superstitions and insert them were the sun does not shine. A bank is not a cathedral and it certainly isn’t holy.

    “You must find another way to guarantee the repayment of the loans.“

    Really? We must find another way to repay loans that you just said a few lines ago can not be repaid? What next Mr. Soros? Flap our arms and fly to the moon? Squeeze blood out of rocks?

    “The situation that has emerged from the crisis in Europe is neither stable nor tolerable.”

    On the contrary, the artificial crisis which was a creation of YOUR caste is a factor of instability; the responses that are appearing from the likes of Golden Dawn are not only tolerable, they are positively necessary.

    “Germany should take more responsibility not to break the European Union, which is in the German interest.“

    No, the EU is only in the interest of the current German GOVERNMENT, BANKS and ELITES; not its people, who is being taxed to the hilt to pay for propping up the European Superstate and the globalists enslavement of the poorer countries of Europe. As any common German received a check lately from all the money Portugal and Greece are sending your way? No? I didn’t think so. You are just stealing money from poor people in poorer European countries to give it to rich people in richer European countries.

    For shame! But you have none, right Soros?

    • “No, the EU is only in the interest of the current German GOVERNMENT, BANKS and ELITES; not its people, who is being taxed to the hilt to pay for propping up the European Superstate and the globalists enslavement of the poorer countries of Europe.”
      Im from germany and i can confirm, that we are beeing held hostages like all other nations on this planet.
      The plan is obvious: The oligarchs want to murder a big of the slaves, because they are loosing control. So many will starve to death and not have families or children.

  4. People forget that when a bank loans money its a risk on the banks part due to the fact that the money might not get repaid. If the bank makes a bad decision the bank pays for it.

  5. WHAT ?

    Greece has energy reserves ?

    Most Greeks are clueless to this and do not believe it.

    I have known for decades and I am no one special.

    This is why the Jews/NeoCons support the Turks against Greece.

    Turkey wants half the Aegean, challenges Greece on territory regularly.

    Turkey is the attack dog of ZOG agaisnt Greece.

    Lots of related contemporary events on this, most Greeks can’t put it together.


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