8 comments on “Residents of St. Pantelimonas: “We denounce the mudslinging journalists!”

  1. Its very easy to target these illegal businesses, make flyers, stating free give aways, to the 1st 300 customers, and spread these flyers in the illegal neighbourhoods, target the illegal businesses with these flyers. Spread the freebies flyers in black neighbourhoods, to target afghani shops.

    Be creative, make up flyers stating illegal activities and make sure the police get them, so they forced to go to the illegal shops, make flyers about dog fights, massage with free “extras” if you get my drift, spread the flyers around.

    Don’t do anything illegal, just be creative, knowing africans, they won’t resist a freebie.

  2. Reblogged this on Deconstructing Leftism and commented:
    This is very important and merits more than a reblog, but has important things to say about control of our urban spaces. I will write more about this later, but for now suffice it to say we need to not cede, but fight for control of our cities and need to confront invasions and takeovers.

  3. The non-goy media will stop at nothing to destroy anyone that opposes the hostile takeover of their countries–and they are pushing for the ruin of all sovereign nations. They won’t stop until we’re ALL slaves on the Zionist plantation.

    • One thing you can do is STOP using the word “goy” for non-jews and capitalising “ALL” because it sounds like you’re supporting their disgusting agenda whether you are or not. STOP using their terminology altogether and start using ours. Start talking about what WE’RE going to do to them not what they want to do. Stand up for what you are FOR not what you’re against and leave all the negative shit in the rubbish bin!!! I always see comments like this as either suspicious at best or a complete waste of time. HAIL GOLDEN DAWN! HAIL VICTORY OVER THE ZIONIST SCUM!!!

      • I disagree. Using their terminology is a good way of attracting attention to it, and also expose their mindset and how they talk about every non-jew behind their backs. But it is also important that we do not nitpick such trivial details, but rather make peace with our fellow comrades, because at the end, we all have the same goal: restore the glory of our nations.


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