9 comments on “The Root Causes of Conspiracy: Energy relations with Greece and Israel

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    Should GD exert direct pressure on Turkey and Israel, possibly allying with Hezbollah? This will be a very tricky game to play. Anyway, Salafists, Muslim Brothers, Shi’ites and Zionists will weaken themselves in a clusterfuck. Better repent.

    • “Alliance” is a very strong word. But there is ample space for cooperation, even if it is limited to keeping out of each others’ way with the understanding that both parties will be acting against a common foe simultaneous, perhaps scheduling actions for the same time frame.

    • Really interesting point! My answer to that: Seek out friendly ties with prominent Armenian organisations, which in turn will serve as a conduit for further ties with Russian and Iranian organisations already in cooperative contact with the Armenians! With that expand Greco-Kurdish relations, although the more secure bet is definitely pursuing the Armenia-Russia-Iran axis, possibly make contact with Hezbollah but going beyond that would not really be so profitable for Golden Dawn’s reborn Greece, at least not for the time being 🙂

  2. Thank you for that expose. Of course, the bottom line always returns to the saying, ‘But is it good… for the Jews?’ What Shylocks they all are! – Fr. John+

  3. ‘The focus is revolving around the vast energy reserves of the Greek territory and maintaining dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean, the most sensitive geopolitical area in the world.’

    After extensive research, I realised up-until-now gas reserves are (apparently) being discovered practically everywhere “where it matters” on the so called “grand chessboard” of geopolitics. I recall a youtube recording of Imran Khan speaking loudly of immense hydrocarbons reserves in Pakistan, and I now have little reason to doubt such an assertion, for example.
    The point is, is the now arguably fully exposed, flawed economic paradigm, upon which the whole “global economy” has been built for over 6 decades, any longer tenable? The era of unprecedented growth in prosperity and living standards throughout our “white” part of the world, was entirely commodity driven, and especially by petroleum. Yet these circumstances persisted against a backdrop of consistent moral, spiritual and clear demographic decline in our parts of the world, wherefore even the largely artificial economic edifice has now begun to suddenly crack all over, in the past few years.
    Cue the resurgence of national and spiritual consciousness in [our] Orthodox countries – the latter of which the Occident (except to a substantial measure France) unfortunately lacks and cannot reestablish. But this means Europe in due course (perhaps even very soon) will no longer be a net consumer in the world, so the real reason why Gazprom, for example, is still exporting high volumes of gas and competing for pipeline deals with western companies, is purely for the sake of maintaining monopolies where they still currently reside, for the sake of economic competition and little else!
    The reality is Russia only needed several years of pulling herself out of dire straits from the 90s, by simply consolidating state ownership of all major energy companies and taking advantage of the very high (and costly) demand for oil and gas consumption, precisely at the time the EU was about to peak in its expansion. Now that peak is well and truly reached Europe is (logically) nose diving into never ending crisis, whilst Russia is basking in budget surpluses with ever better prospects for further, SUSTAINABLE long term growth, where even demographic regeneration is on the cards! The only reason, therefore, why western companies pool in as much cash as is still presently available for securing pipeline deals in the eastern Mediterranean, is purely to prevent Greece and us Orthodox Balkan countries from getting our acts together and kicking them all out (like we all well and truly should) and seek strategic umbrella protection from Russia. Otherwise cheaper gas supplies from elsewhere other than Russia certainly won’t result in cheaper prices for ordinary European consumers, especially with negative growth abounding, nor will the overall decline (especially the demographic one propelled by the manifest dissolution of the family unit), on now for 2 or 3 generations, ever stop. If anyone can successfully dispute me on this then I’d be more than happy to be enlightened.

    With maximum support from a Serbian brother nationalist!

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