2 comments on “Writer Stavros Ligeros asks the Question: What was happening before September 17th?

  1. The jewish controlled West agsinst the Orthodox East is the issue: Hellas is the meeting point between Christ and Satan. Den 11. okt. 2013 13:26 skrev xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN

    • Yet for pagans worldwide this whole “Christ and Satan” story is NOT the issue at all. It is best to look at the jewish problem worldwide through rational eyes and at what they are ACTUALLY doing – religions, superstitions & beliefs NEED to be second-level personal thoughts that are kept to yourself. In order to come together and fight this problem so that we can eventually be rid of it across the globe we need to put the divisive stuff to one side for a while and just deal with the nuts & bolts TOGETHER. “Beliefs” have always divided us and the JEW knows this well!!!

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