5 comments on “Anthimos of Mount Athos: “The Persecution of Golden Dawn is a Fiasco made by Zionists”

  1. I like this monk. Good to see some pro-Greece, pro-European Christianity around. In these matters the Orthodox sure seem to have their heads in the right place when compared to Catholics.

    “This is reminiscent of the mob rule that killed Socrates.”

    Beautifully stated and eerily significant. But somehow, I do not think Golden Dawn will be “drinking the hemlock” anytime soon.

  2. Cant agree.

    Zionism has existed for 150 years. Judaism has been a curse for 6000 years and the “Orthodox” church could go along way by explaining the truth that Jews and Christians are not one in faith as Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus once stated.

    Christ said the Jew is of his father the devil not brothers in faith. They are contrary to all Man saif the Apostle Paul.

    They are not the Hebrews of the Bible and Christ said he came only for Israel.

    Judaism is Talmudism.

    Judaism in its Own Words –

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