3 comments on “The Government Offensive: Samaras Government Auctions Target 15,000 Greek Homes

  1. Hopefully this rotten regime will collapse and the Greek people will once again run their own affairs free of Zionist influence and financial schemes. It’s disgusting that instead of helping Greek people that are in need, the government spits in their face. The west is awakening. The traitors will get theirs in the end and be prosecuted. May the Greek people stay strong and united against the attacks from the Samaras regime and the commies/anarchists that are destroying Greece. Smash the Reds!

    • The true ancestral spirit of the Greek people, and indeed all true Europeans, was forged a long, long time ago and maintained for many thousands of years through our DNA before anything “biblical” came along. THAT is what runs in the veins and what will happen now for ALL Europeans is of much more epic proportions than anything a single volume about a desert religion would ever be able to muster (or attempt to thwart!). Look to your ancestors, feel it in the blood and hear the call rising from from the soil beneath your feet! A bright future awaits those who strive to eradicate the parasites. A Golden Dawn is on the horizon and our people WILL see it!

      HAIL EUROPA!!!

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