25 comments on “TREACHERY! Anarchists and SYRIZA members gather to show Solidarity to Pakistani Rapist of 14 Year old Greek Girl Myrto Papadomichelaki!

  1. This is absolutely appalling and disgusting. This shows that the left wing vermin have no morals and absolutely no respect for life, especially for their countrymen. It’s high time that we put a halt on third world immigration into the west. This Pakistani rapist scum should have his genitals severed for this sick act of depravity!

    • “This Pakistani rapist scum should have his genitals severed for this sick act of depravity!”

      Totally agree! If he gets a jail sentence you can guarantee they’ll try to place him in protective custody so this doesn’t happen at the hands of greek inmates! We can only hope he gets put in jail with everyone else so he can face “real” justice by greek hands…

  2. Yes, we have that kind of under-humans in all the EU, with the same behavior, and all of them are protected by the system! Den 23. okt. 2013 04:40 skrev xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN

  3. Marxists use them to destabilize (and destroy) native populations. Here in the needs-to-break-apart USA they are illegal aliens from Mexico and locations south. The scum Marxist-Jew-leftists also have flooded places like Minnesota, Maine and Tennessee with bottom-barrel sub-Saharan Africans. When they commit heinous crimes like the one described here Jew lawyers crawl out of the dung to defend them, screaming racism.

    • This happened on the island of Syros, an island with a small population. The security outside the court was so much they literally made it like a fortress, There were Golden Dawn locals there, but had they went in a group bringing an organized march they would not even be allowed near the building nor the anarchists. Even the number of 50 or so leftists means that many of them may have traveled to syros to demonstrate. They tend to be from rich families.

      The rules are different for the anarchists, they are a tool of the state and allowed to go places we are not.

      • i understand and it doesnt suprise me in the least what u say. i guess also the jihadist gov would have tried to use this against the GD as well by inflaming the leftist filth into a clash to use as ammo against our leaders in the trial. i just had to ask the question thats why. Anyway as Berk says below they just showed every1 what filth they are and the Syrizwn logo there is great proof of that. Since im not in greece and cant see any news on TV like we used to here in SA i wonder if any TV channels showed this image or did they as usual carefully edit it out or more likely completely avoided it as news altogether

      • No, in fact the only reason this rape was in the news by the media was because when Myrto was first found almost dead in a coma, they did not know who did that to her, the police at first were saying she may have fallen and hurt herself, but the mother was convinced somebody attacked her daughter and went to all the media channels, the media covered it. About a week later, the Pakistani was arrested and confessed, by then the media couldn’t hide it, but very quickly after they stopped speaking about it. And have not covered the status of the girl since, total blackout.

  4. Why counter protest when the leftists have already shown their stupidity and disrespect in public like this already?

  5. In some other Greek site source it is said that the Greek authorities programmed the trial of the Pakistani murderer very early in the morning, to avoid any Greeks gathering in front of the court of Syros to protest against him. Yet though there have been probably some local Syros people of the movement “Anorthodoxos Agonas” who gathered in front of there to protest against the illegal criminals invading Greece and those group of people gave even an announcement for their call. The anti-fascist and leftists, anarchists as well as Greek Syriza voters saw that, and as a hit – back they gathered 50 of their own to gather there also and “baptize” the Syros Greek people who wanted to protest for the pour Greek girl Myrto and against this illegal criminal as “fascists” and Golden Dawn racist scum! With these actions the leftists though have without a single doubt proven Once Again how literally Anti-Hellenic and real Racists and Fascists can be to the pain and danger of destinction of the Greeks, their own people, going openly directly and indirectly in favor of a Pakistani murderer and calling anyone upset with an illegal outsiders criminals actions a racist and a fascist!!

  6. What a blatant demonstration of the utter bankruptcy of so-called “Anarchism.” These are not the anarchists of the CNT-FAI in Spain during the 30’s. These are unemployed college students, or ex-college students who merely reflect the complete social dislocation and unemployment among youth caused by the EU’s austerity program in Greece. What would” anarchy” look like if it gained political power in Greece? Exactly what Greece looks like now – socially dysfunctional, complete government collapse of social services and inability to operate a functional economy because of localized corruption. Anarchists are the ultimate malakas. They are not looking for an anarchist state but a state of anarchy.

  7. They are animals. This is beyond wrong. YOU DON’T SUPPORT RAPISTS IN ANY DAMN WAY! Animals I hope to get rid of them soon and I can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

  8. The Men of the Island should have taken control of what is theirs(the Island), and captured all the leftist Jewish traitor puppets and given them a good ass woopin! Nationalism is the way to Freedom!

  9. In other words, IF God Forbid in the future other Greek girls get beaten to death and raped from these Allah beasts with No respect to human life we have all over Europe now thanks to Jew serving politicians all EU countries unfortunately have, these “people” called anarchists or leftist thinking will gather and try to shut the mouth and call a fascist scum and racist, anyone standing tall AND speaking against the horrible savage illegal immigrants who think they can rape, kill and steal and get away with it in a foreign country?
    These animals.. leftists, they will protect and with that, give the OK to the Muslim scum commiting unspeakable crimes, Just because they are foreigners and not Greek?Thus they can get away if they find a Greek girl, torture her, rape her and then beat her to death?!
    What would happen if it was their own mothers,sisters or daughters held as victims to this Pakistani animals hands? What would happen?Would they react the same way??I am so curious, I wonder! Would they protect them and be that nice to them in front of the court, the Pakistani men if they commited such crimes to a Pakistani girl?! No need to even dare to ask such a question,right?… They would be hung, beat to the absolute death and raped from the back door..in the streets long before the trial! I say those leftists scum throughout Europe are even worse than the immigrants! And the best lesson and punishment for them would be to give them to their own “group of animals” they are going sides with and supporting! Take them all out of Greece, send them to Afghanistan and Pakistan, let them enjoy a massive Muslim gang bang and then have their throats sliced if they dont obey Allah’s commands! Throw them to the one thing they love and fight to protect so much

    • yeah this immigrant garbage are what they are as its in their DNA but leftist scum choose to be what they and are the real threat as they look just like you and me and could be standing right next to you. They are the real threat and the enemy within. Immigrants can be spotted in a crowd and dealt with but leftist scum can slip away into a crowd

  10. I wonder will they now charge the ND/pasok gov officials who let these dirt bags into the country thus making them accessories to crime and a criminal enterprise????????? After all its their officials that helped them create fake papers etc or were bribed to issue documents to stay and even in many cases benefited from such criminal gangs directly or indirectly. Its their officials openly allowed and invited them into Greece.


  11. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This story regarding the rape and attempted murder of a fourteen year old native Greek girl mirrors what I happening here in the USA. Just peruse the Council of Conservative Citizens and you will see how daily here in the good ole’USA children and adult citizens are routinely raped, bludgeoned, or murdered by feral black teens who have been brainwashed to hate diversity or illegal immigrants who hate gringos. Our Zio ruled media hides the truth to keep us in the dark and then tries to infect our white children’s minds with self hate via public school education. This psychological abuse via obfuscating the truth while also countering it with another message is called gaslighting.

    The Zios are f’ugly, limp-wristed cowards who hide behind the throngs of turd worlders and their usury. This battle will be psychological and must be won in the mind first. The Zios are weak in character as they are dependent on lies, bullying, trickery, dirty money, and third world thugs. We will have to endure, but with this endurance strength will come and people if European descent will shine again. We need faith followed by effort. God helps those who helps themselves. By helping other Nationalist types in the USA and in Europe, we help ourselves.

    Long live Golden Dawn! You have my support and prayers.

    • vikingsbitch, hi there. It is happening worldwide, anywherec there is a trace of white western population. The important thing is that we know now, and will do ALL our best to fight the dirty, weak, coward propaganda back to their faces! What they need, according to my opinion, apart what you have suggested, is to create a Zion – natural suspicion to our brother and sisters, all whites, about Jewish interests, Israel of today s itself, and of course the big huge lobby of powerful – yet though weak as a big custle build in the sand- Jewish/American lobby. And even hatred, expoding their real True faces, and how much of a big time Hypocrites they are! Lets expose them! Everywhere we stand… whatever we do, to all people surrounded by us in our daily life. And I say it is not just the Zions who are projecting this whole hatred and deceitful behavior towards the white races, it is the JEWS THEMselves almost overall, who have from their degrading ” religion”, Talmud and Tora, extreemely hateful and satanic evil hatred and horrible racism to the white and christian population..yes!Oh yes! Those who miss No chance, to force us into the belief “racism and race hatred is fascist and evil and has to die”, “human bullshit rights”, only one-side seen… for the immigrants – never the local citizens, and all these unbelievably hypocritical lies and attempt to control our natural way of their thinking. Indeed, we are dealing with a very veery weak race of people, deeply neurotic and psychopathic in its social-synthesis to the point of hell!!! And that is something we are very conscious of and will finally when we are well organized, we will use it Against them. This sick.. extremely hostile, evil, neurotic and weak -at the same time- race of people has managed to rule the world using Banks&money, by creating loans, invading our intellectual institutes and any kind of social expression/art (tv, music industry, movies, news mrdia)and re-informing our political world to their OWN favor&interest, now we end up to the point you talked about… becoming more&more clear that their big goal is in every way possible to weaken us more, biologically&mentally, and in the end, kill us. There is No doubt about that anymore. But we will NOT allow them to do that to us, will we? Haha. NOT even to their wildest happy dreams!!! How do these filth and scum, THE JEWD, think? They say “victory through deceit”. Ok. Lets just srart by trying to take off their masks, start spreading the seeds of DOUBT and suspicion to every white’s person head, by repeating and repeating the same propaganda, slowly, steady and carefully, Build a natural anti-semetic and anti-israeli lack of respect and trust by attacking their own trace. At the same time,nationalists will continue resisting eveyone and every leftist Jew run authority. Do you know what the Jews would hate the Most, like the Most?After all the filth&pain they spread to our countries, to talk ANTI-SEMETIC openly and in public with NO fear, and reasonating and justify why new world order is ALL circulating around their own, very Own interests! At the same time, as people, we have to become more self-disciplined, less materialistic and much less money-depending creatures to feel we gained success in life. Jews would hate that! Money and financies are a great deal Jews have got us by our balls! Let’s show to them that we are able to live the simple Spartan way of living, exchanging goods and food between, and they can put the fake loans they created to Enslave it us up to their asses! Not afraid to talk Against them, NOT afraid to shout Anti-Semetic insults!! We are powerful, we All white brothers and sisters, white Nationalists across the whole earth, we will All become One to our common battle of the right to LIVE and re-write our glorious civilization Again!!! No fear and certainly NO weak rat parasite to other nations&societies, such as Jews overall are, can Stop what is honest, powerful, smart and truly Strong, and this is our white brothers and sisters Across the world!
      We are many, much more many!And we will become even much More in the future!

      From Greece, with faith and honor to our ancestors
      Heil Golden Dawn!

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