20 comments on “VIDEO: British National Party Leader Angers Eurocrat Zionists

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Sister Comrade Maureen!

      As an anglo-celt I’m brimming with pride that another anglo has stood up to the Zionist gangsters and
      refused to be bullied by them. Maybe it’s taken our hellenic cousins to help show us the way.

      Stand strong, Golden Dawn.

    • Remember comrades to use caution, in some European countries there are “Far Right” parties who are pro-zionist and put there to take away votes from real nationalist groups.

      There is a big difference from being “Anti-Immigration” and “Nationalist”

      In Western Europe the zionists are backing these parties, For example Gert Wilders in Holland, who is “extreme right” makes regular trips to israel and supports homosexuality.

      The idea is that these parties have the Goal of limiting extreme muslim immigration to help preserve the degenerate culture that has existed there, and to protect local Jewish communities.

      • My thoughts exactly, again here on this thread…

        We cannot trust any party that does not call out the Zionist Leviathan. As we speak in the US, jewish zionists are conniving to try to accomplish the same basic thing as you describe in your last sentence. Edward Blum is a jew who mysteriously fights with unnamed backers and a bastion of lawyers to fight AA and also the Voting Rights Act. His office is in DC and he has never allowed even one intern to help him – he works alone.

        He’s hiding (or trying to) the fact that his backers are the same parasites who wage a covert war against the european americans. After years of these people promoting the dispossession, subjugation and genocide of euro-americans they are trying to re-balance and “preserve the degenerate culture that has existed there.”

        We goyim are so lowly and dumb that they actually think they can get away with it, and sure, corporate america at large may be contributing to this. But the zionists are the most pivotal orchestrators.

        I will disagree with my greek comrade though. I despise and decry Organized Gayness as a lobbying group, so I don’t support homosexuality, but I don’t hate the biological fact of it either.

      • I mean to add on to my above post, I was being sarcastic about we goyim being dumb. This delusion is the jew’s essential weakness.

      • Do you have any stance on Norway’s far right party and whether it’s authentic or also zionist influenced? I so hope you Greeks are not standing alone, at least when it comes to having some western european allies. I know my irish people – the nationalists in Ireland – seem to have some sense of zionist corruption.

  1. I have a question for all greeks;
    In many European countries, the nationalist parties and their voters see themselves as part of a greater struggle for the white, european civlization.
    My impression is that Greek nationalists or atleast the voters are more “isolated” in that way that they do not view their struggle in the bigger context of the white european civilization.

    Am I wrong about this? Are Greek nationalists only interested in Greece or are they also seeing themselves as part of the bigger white european nationalists movement?

    • We are Greek nationalists first, however we do realize that we are not alone in what we face and that many are fighting the same things too. Golden Dawn in particular has nationalist allies in many Countries.

      But also don’t forget that historically Greeks have been attacked and betrayed by European Powers in the past, so as a whole the Greek people have suspicions of both the Muslim east and the European west.

  2. I live in Sweden and must admit that I have doubts about the Sweden Democrats which are mostly considered as being right-populist and sometimes even as being far-right. I have these doubts since I´ve read about the party firing some of its members for having publicly stated that they sympathize with the famous German author Ernst Juenger who is commonly seen as a national conservative and nationalist. That was something which was also quite eye-catching for my father who thinks very highly of Juenger and who noticed when mentioning that he liked Ernst Juenger when being in a discussion with a Swedish doctor that the doctor became seemingly aggressive when hearing the name Juenger.

  3. @xaameriki in regard to your last post you uttered that the Greek people have suspicions of both the Muslim east as well as the European west. I think that this stands somewhat in a contrast to many of the GD demonstrations many of us have noticed when many GD members waved the flags of white nationalists (flags with the celtic cross). I know and have fully understanding for GD considering Greece and the Greek people to be in the focus but at the same time I got the impression that GD also means to fight for Western culture and therewith for all of the white race as long as their are not communists. Things like nationalism and white race have repeatingly been ridiculed by left liberals communists and so on but a people and this concerns also all of the European people can achieve much more and be much stronger when believing in their own strength and their own values. We must unite and destroy our enemies!
    Hail to the XRYSH AYGH and all white nationalists!

    • Yes, Golden Dawn obviously supports these movements of nationalism in other white countries, however I was speaking about historical fact and Greek people as a whole, beyond Golden Dawn. There are numerous historical examples of European Powers assisting Ottomans against the byzantine empire, etc. That is the root of these suspicions, but this is not really reflected in Golden Dawn.

  4. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Again, the Zios and Israel are not to be trusted. Any party or group that supports the Jews and that will not call ALL Jews out for their treachery is not worthy. Period.

    Jews are the penultimate anti – White. Period. They call Gentile, Christian, and/or White European women Shiksa meaning ‘dirty’ or ‘abomination’. They have defiled the West with the peddling of porn and homosexuality as ‘the Life’. They kidnap women in Eastern European countries and pimp them out in Israel. They are behind the massive waves of third world thug immigration that is enveloping Europe and the USA in an attempt to de-stabilize the West and displace its citizens. Jews were behind Holomodor and the raping, maiming, and killing of millions of German civilian women and children after WWII ( check out Hellstorm highlighted on Chechar’s blog).

    People of European descent across the world must unify against the Zios and Jews because our communities will not be free until we are free of them.

    • I agree with you 100%.

      It’s amazing how many people (including family and friends) are absolutely terrified when I try to inform them, with sound reasoning, the dangers of Zionism, the Jews and Globalism.

      Even in the South of the USA, where more traditional values were once held, if you don’t support Israel and their scheming ways your considered a bigot and ostracized. It’s insanity, but the media has done a great job brainwashing the masses with degenerate multimedia and fictional history.

      I’m just happy there are people, like Nick Griffin, who actually seem to care about the danger people of European descent face.

  5. The South has always been the most philo-semitic part of the US. Also the South was the most pro-war section of the country in the critical period of 1940-41. Lindbergh spoke to massive crowds in Chicago and NYC-that happened nowhere in the South.

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