6 comments on “Parliamentary Funding Witheld from Golden Dawn. Money will go to bankers instead of food for Greeks.

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This act of withholding resources from Golden Dawn members in Greece’s parliament is a declaration of war. The Zios are attempting to starve out native Greeks much like what was done with Holomodor in the Ukraine. The Zios are genocidal and they are engaging in the mass murder of all people of European descent.

    This is not unlike Obama’s shutting down of EBT in Utah where there are large white families. The civil war of minorities against white European people in the USA has been stirred up and fomented by the Zios and Jews. Again, as in Europe ( ex: Holomodor) and in Russia, genocide is being purported by the Jews and promoted by such filth as Tim Wise.
    People of European descent everywhere must begin to cut themselves out of the institutions of education, finance, and food marketing and begin to create and rely on their own resources. We must get Spartan as Chechar notes on his blog ‘The West’s Darkest Hour’.

  2. Maybe the people of Greece, and elsewere, should stop paying taxes to the slime-governments that rule over them.

    • This actually has happened to a great extent in Greece, people are trying to evade paying tax more and more. What the a EU did however is build added taxes into electricity and water, almost overnight the power bills for households doubled.

    • Right on. That is the only way to go. Europeans everywhere have to unite on this. Here in the States, I am making steps towards this stance; however, you cannot be out with it as an elite class makes its money from our taxes. That’s why we must go stealth for awhile

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