4 comments on “Hungary 1956: A Revolution Against Communist Atrocity-Ουγγαρία 1956, Επανάσταση ενάντια στην κομμουνιστική θηριωδία

  1. A very concise and cogent article. I like the terminology that suggests that today’s would-be Bolsheviks are at best, demoralized Marxists. Their side has lost any pretense to claims of ‘revolutionary’ ideology. The only way forward is through militant nationalism as exampled by Golden Dawn.

  2. In Greece, after the defeat of the National Socialism of Hitler in Europe, after the end of the WW2 in other words, the communists all along eastern and east- central Europe felt a tremendous “orgasm”! During 1946-’49, Mother Russia and communist-fascist Bulgaria sent through the “Democratic army” formed from Greek communists(oh Yeah, that’s how the Communists were calling their army) direct strict orders to occupy Greece and overthrown any attempt of the Greeks forming any kind of national government. They kidnapped a dozen of Greek kids from their mothers and fathers, even daughters, taking them away from their mothers all along the country with violence, and recruited them into the “Democratic Army” of Greece, ordering them with VIOLENCE to kill their Greek brothers and sisters who did not see with a good eye a Fascist- Communist dictatorship in Greece, led from the Communist manifesto of the eastern Balkan countries of Europe. The Communist democratic army in Greece, during one of the darkest ages of the modern Hellenic history, also murdered and crucified (just as they did to Jesus) a THOUSAND of Greek priests and the families of Orthodox Christian priests, yelling at them ironically, laughing, before they crucify them..”since you believe in your Jesus so much, then you shall be murdered and killed just like he was, if you are such a good Christian, then you should die and prove yourself you can be a Martyr for Him”. The unbelievable barbarian Civil war during that time in Greece and after the end of WW2, made from the Communist Greeks against the rest of the Greeks, was officially declared the worst and most brutal war of genocide of Greeks after 1830, worse than the German Nazi occupation of Greece during the WW2, worse than the WW1 and worse than any other war and conflict Greeks had with the Ottoman Turks who forced them to slavery! The brutal murder of fella Greeks during the Communist Civil war is calculated to be around 70.000, and that within the time of only 3 years (1946-’49)! Now coming back to today, every year in Greece at the 28th of October we celebrate the big No leader of Greece Metaxas replied to the threats of fascist Italian Mussolini in the WW2, and every 25th of March we celebrate the official begin of the National Revolution of the Greeks against the Muslim Turks. My question is, how come every year, Greece as a nation celebrates with marches and glory every revolution and resist of the Hellenic nation for its liberation, but they do Not celebrate the liberation of the nation at the Most cold-blooded brutal war that ever happened during all of the last century from the “democratic army” of the Greek communists against their own people?! Even on Greek wikipedia, it is openly admitted that “With the term Greek Civil War 1946-1949, we mean the period of armed , anti – guerrilla conflicts that took place in Greece between the Greek Army and the rebel forces of the Democratic Army of Greece ( under the control of the Communist Party of Greece ) .It lasted from March 1946 until August 1949 and resulted in the defeat of the communist rebels. The Greek Civil war is considered to be internationally the first act of the cold war in post-war history and it was a military conflict with the largest losses experienced by the country since 1830 to today”.

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    NATO did not help the Hungarian people because the “West” or the “democracies” don’t care about the people, or democracy, or human rights, they care about having a docile, controlled population and if they can’t supply that control themselves, then the communists can do the job.

  4. There was also an anti-zionist/anti-communist uprising in Hungary exactly 50 years later in 2006. It was not as bloody, but it took much longer.

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