10 comments on “October 28th: The Day Metaxas said NO!

  1. To our Italian Comrades of the New Force! We stand with you as well in your fight to Liberate Italy from Zionist Gangsters! I salute Ioannis Metaxas with the same Ancient Greek Salute as seen in the pictures above! ZHTO o Ioannis Metaxas, ZHTO Hellas, ZHTO o Ethnikismos!

  2. I’m not fully understanding…is GD saying that the stand made by the Greeks against the Italians during WWII was for the wrong side? Is the salute the Nazi salute?

    The post doesn’t seem clear to me as someone who can only read on on wikipedia to try to understand it’s meaning.

    • The point is that the common historical explanation of the Greek resistance against Italian invasion in WWII was that it was a battle against fascism “for the good of democracy.”

      In Greek schools and in most allied countries, they have hidden the fact that Greece was a “fascist” country just like Italy and was not “democratic” at all. It simply wanted to maintain neutrality.

      The salute is not a “Nazi Salute” it was first known in the Greco-Roman era, the Italians under Mussolini and Greeks under Metaxas were using in before the Germans adopted it. Over time due to media lies, it became known as something “Nazi” or German.

  3. Sorry if i make myself a fool by saying this, but would it not have been better if Greece had joined National socialist Germany and their allies in the war against communism?

  4. Two points. Fascism isn’t bad, if it’s YOUR National Socialism. It’s the INTERNATIONALIST socialism of the Marxist/Jew that is the death-dealer.

    Secondly, all symbols that define White Europe as ‘not including the Jew’ are hateful and obscene to the Deicide. That’s why they forbid them, that’s why they demonize them, that’s why they LIE to us.

    Look at that last UN Vote- Israel and her Shabbas Goy were the only two voting against the entire world. Oh, that the American People- the American WHITES- would awaken from their slumber, and throw off the Christ Killers!

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