6 comments on “GOLDEN DAWN AMERICA PODCAST EPISODE 11: The Gypsies in suits and ties.

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    Violence And Jail Instead Of Debate In The “Democracy” – Issues that only Golden Dawn raises resonate with the Greek people, but neither the systematic left nor right has any intelligent answer to them.

    Pedophiles For Human Rights – Proud sexual abusers of kindergarten children, such as Daniel Cohn Bendit, are deputies and ideological leaders in the European Union parliament leading the international propaganda attacks on Golden Dawn in the name of “human rights”. The demented society-retarding values of the European Union they are trying to force on the Greek people at gun point.

    Netanyahu: “Anti-Racist” Law For Greece, Anti-immigrant Law For Us – The Butcher Of Gaza publicly supports new thought-crime prosecuting “anti-racist law” and imprisonment of Golden Dawn, while his country is slated to indiscriminately deport all black immigrants to Uganda. Israel is not a nationalist state, it is a racial supremacist state with its supporters actively “deconstructing” Western civilization, real nationalists support nationalism and self-determination for everyone! Why Leftists only make milquetoast criticisms of a state that has racially segregated schools, anti-miscegenation laws, strict race-based immigration policies, and commits horrific war crimes against neighbors.

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