8 comments on “ATHANATI! National Anthem Sung In Honor of our Fallen Brothers!

  1. Where are my men? Why have they remained so passive, so enfeebled? Northwestern european men in America, and from what it looks like Europe, just seem so ineffectual compared to what GD has accomplished. I am surrounded by pansies.

    I’m allowed to say this because I am an anglo celt whose men could care less about the epidemic of rape of their own women by the occupiers. Or the torture of children.

    What the H are they waiting for?

    Hail Golden Dawn!

  2. Letter from a Greek student girl, dedicated to the Jew-slave scum Greek government:
    “I hope you are glad for your ” democracy”. The one that murders young people.
    That kind of ” democracy” that makes you feel afraid to say you are Greek.
    And what happens to those who will dare to say they are?
    They will end up the same way those 2 young boys did?
    Congratulations for that Greece! The blood that was running inside the veins of those two boys was Hellenic.
    That’s what annoyed you so much?That these boys were not Anti-Hellenic like you are, mr. ministers and those above you?
    If nationalism is considered shame, then tell me, what is considered to be to harm your own country?
    Rest In Peace boys, you will always be right next to us in our thoughts.
    They have lost their lifes because they dared to say they are Greek, shame..”

  3. Disgusting pigs and Marxist scum! This is an outrage that the commie left can murder, rape, and destroy a whole country while the sick, perverted Jew-loving government of Greece does nothing. Remember this you commie scum, revenge burns eternal! Condolences from Washington State, USA.

    Hail Golden Dawn!

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