5 comments on “Ευχαριστώ! Thanks to our friends and comrades around the world!

  1. I am happy to be a part of this, to borrow a quote from minfweapon, yes it it rather strange how Nationalism has become such an International phenomenon but as Indo-European people we all realize that Greece is the mother of our Western culture, Hail Golden Dawn, briniging hope and light to those who have lost their way, I too mourn for Manos and Giorgos, they died protecting the virtues of Occidental civilization & thier killers will not go unpunished

  2. My condolences to our Greek brothers on the loss of two bright young nationalists. Our European forefathers believed that when one of our loved ones left this mortal world, their souls remained to guide,watch over, and protect their family and loved ones from harm.

    Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis will never leave us. Their spirits, and the spirit of Nationalism,the soul of our people, will see us through to liberty and prosperity. Our heroes will be with us forever.

    May our Lord be with you in your hour of grief to comfort you, and in your hour of need to fill the bellies of the Greek people with food and their hearts with courage and their heads with the wisdom to overcome the Zionist and Communist aggressors. May His wrath be upon the enemies of the Greek people and the European people.

    We,the Europeans and their descendants, mourn with you and resolve to continue this fight beside you until there is freedom and prosperity for our people,until our lands are once more controlled by their rightful rulers and our forefathers can rest peacefully in their graves knowing their posterity is secured and their sacrifices avenged.

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