18 comments on “State-Funded ‘Anti-Racist Humanitarians’ of “One People’s Project” Applaud Murder Of  2 Young Greek Men

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    Daryl Lamont Jenkins celebrates murder of Golden Dawn members. The Left has gotten as far as it has because of soft power. Hard power — hot lead and cold steel, is not it’s strong point. If or when the Left tries to play in the realm of hot lead and cold steel, they will find it’s a fight they cannot stomach, and that their long tormented enemies are masters of violence and long thirsting for vengeance against them. WN 2.0 is about going after the Left’s soft power; if the Left stupidly ventures into hard power, they will leave their soft power flank unguarded, and we’ll go after it. At the same time, they will find that exercising hard power is no fun at all, but when they try to return to soft power, it’s no longer available to them like it once was.

  2. I will say this as kindly as I can. If you look like a thug, be prepared to be TREATED like a thug. If those two men (they are not youth, as the word in English is understood) looked, acted, and dressed like the White Variant of the N8gger thugs I see on the US News everyday, they could not expect that this ‘turf war’ was not going to result in violence.

    This is the element of Golden Dawn that I find disingenuous. One should LOOK like a civilized man, to be TREATED as one.

    • This is precisely the element of American/Northern European White Liberation that I find disingenuous. You’re too fancy and effete for your own good, and you don’t even realize it. Your silly conferences and endless ‘intellectual’ arguing on the internet only hasten our demise as they distract from reality and enable cyber-crank WN”s in thinking they’re actually accomplishing something.

      • Besides being an eccentric blowhard, I think Fr. John may be british…and look how they allowed one of their own soldiers to be beheaded in broad daylight…

        Regardless, he speaks for himself, not for anglo celt american me. The women i know in our own movement, if we could even call it that, yearn for our men to take inspiration from Golden Dawn.

      • To be clear- The skinhead look, the black flack jackets, etc. all give (via scripted memes by the Jewsmedia) the IMPRESSION that those who are in the forefront of the White Awareness movement, are nothing but SS troops in disguise. I’m merely pointing out what the world, who does not yet know what the REAL REASONS for G.D., are, to think ONLY that you could be nothing BUT thugs. I do not, and hope not, think that. But the WORLD does. And, if we are to engender support for White Hegemony, to counter the lies of the Jewsmedia, we cannot allow the stereotypes of the worst ‘skinhead’ factions to inform our opponent’s view of us. That is all. I make no judgment on their persons, their morals, etc. Just the appearance.

    • I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this “Fr John” character. He’s a regular poster on another site, and not a very good one. Writes much garbage like the above. Just another never-been-in-a-streetfight weakling with a keyboard.

      • John- Are you Orthodox? Do you actually know the realities of the European situation? Do you have the education and the theological training to even MAKE such a comment? You, it’s the plants from the opposition that I have found are the most vehemently opposed to my comments- not this one, which is merely stating the reality of the world’s perception of Golden Dawn’s fight is already skewed against them. I am trying to help. You are merely engaging in gossip, and character assasination- tricks typical of the Internationalist Left.

    • Fr. John+’s disparaging dispatch is a daffy appeal for class division. He is a pretentious E-phantom wearing white gloves, conducting a solitary soap opera from the safety of the peanut gallery, and from that lofty height, he is apprehensive about the weighty ramifications of an exposed button, and a missing cufflink, as if this epic contest were a black tie gala.

      Manos Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis were physically fit, clean, neatly attired, and presented themselves well. In Fr. John+’s book of dress code etiquette, when assailed by the Jewish collective, the expectation of violence is the vindication for its execution.

      He is the personification of disingenuousness; a threadbare rent-a-tuxedo, stuffed with straw, secured to a prop with a kitschy bow-tie to scare away old crows from the home field. What’s next, some members of Golden Dawn have five o’clock shadows by midday, and their pinky was in embarrassingly close proximity to the teacup handle?

      • Sir you are an ass. You jump to some egalitarian freak-out, that will not acknowledge the reality that the Media disparage those who ape the apparel of the neo-pseudo Nazi wannabes, and try to lump them all into a ‘one size fits all paradigm. I try to help the folks over in Greece to acknowledge and understand that the West ALREADY views them in a negative light, and then, to have murders taken place, it is imperative to clearly delineate the presumed guilty (the White Greeks) from the already- guilty (the liberal anti-fa rent a mob) and all YOU can do is engage in class polemics? God what a small mind.

      • I have not seen any evidence of you helping us, no packages of food, just commentary. I understand you are conservative and religious, but implying that these two boys were shot because of the way they dressed is downright sick, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

        You really think that if these two boys were dressed like they were on their way to Christian Sunday School that the anarchists would have not shot them?

        They were shot at because they were standing in a Group outside the Golden Dawn’s office during a publicized time of a meeting. There was a larger group that was shot at who survived by luck alone and they were dressed differently.

        Furthermore, our men in Greece engaged in security detail for the offices dress in this way for utility reasons, we are at war on the streets of Athens every day while you do nothing but tap keys in front of a computer screen. We can’t properly fight this war dressed like jehovas witnesses like you think in your twisted mind.

        Besides, even the skinhead look itself, which started in England was developed because of utility, working class british factory and doc workers were wearing boots and flight jackets for a reason, not fashion. This was picked up later by the media.

        I suggest you either show you are actually helping our cause or find somewhere else for your philosophical exercises, this is a website for nationalists of action who cannot be in Greece but still want to fight by supporting via donations or activisim. If you are not one of these people, there are plenty of anglo saxon websites that engage in nothing more than talk for you to play in.

  3. How fucking shameful of the so called Humanitarian antifa so called anti racist scum, these 2 men looked like they were good decent young man with great promise & potential to be fo service to Greece & Defenders of Western civilization & it,s good virtues, you cannot expect Bolshevik Jew led bastards to respect what these 2 young gentleman fought for and will slander them, but they also must know their killers will be brought to justice in swift way, Manos & Giorgos died protecting their homeland from Jewish backed filth

    • The killers may have been paid assassins. The shooter’s method — firing accurately while closing in to assure kills — appears professional. They may simply be apolitical mercenaries.

      • And that’s the point I was trying to make earlier. If the deck is ALREADY stacked against Golden Dawn in Greece (and the imprisonment of their leaders was corroboration of that, in spades!) then showing the two men as skinheads in wife-beater t-shirts will not do them any good.

        The Orthodox religion clearly points out that modest attire, and not exotic or ‘freaky’ hair styles are the attire of those called to be saints. That was the motiviation behind my initial comment, and all I’ve gotten are comments from the lunatic fringe. Where were YOU folks when this website came on? Who has been praying for the G.D.? Who points out the indissoluble link between Christian faith and Orthodox praxis in Greece? It sure isn’t you folks…

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