5 comments on “Hang in there Alexander! Good News Released by Doctors!

  1. Here is hoping Alexandros Gerontas makes a full and swift recovery. He is the main witness of the terrorist attack that victimized him and left his two comrades dead, his testimony (whether The System even bothers to pursue the culprits or not) will be essential, his voice will be that of a living martyr who will recruit more Greeks (and hopefully other Europeans) to the Nationalist cause when he says “I survived a leftist-sponsored, antifa-sponsored and communist-sponsored assassination attempt that was demanded of the traitorous Greek government by Israel and international Jewry. Thank goodness my child did not became an orphan.”

    Where is Mr. Gerotas recovering, in a public hospital? I would sincerely advise Golden Dawn to keep 24/7 security on the site (whether The System “allows” it or not; it’s long past time of asking permission for anything); there is no doubt in my mind The System will try to get to him before he recovers, they have secret services and zio-agents and have used them before countless times.

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