5 comments on “The Horror of left wing terror: video of Murders released.

  1. Look how smug these leftist keyboard commando pencil-necks appear in their own little online forum. Words are easy to type – I wonder how differently they’d react with a gun barrel shoved under their noses or a rope tightened up against their necks? There’d be a lot of designer jeans soaking in heavy duty stain remover the next day methinks 😉

    • I agree completely, TrueNorthNZ. These types always hide behind their keyboards and boast of the terror they perpetrate against good and decent human beings. There can be no dialogue with this scum. The lines are drawn between neo-Marxism and Nationalism.

      Long live the spirit of Golden Dawn!

  2. We know who they are and where they sleep, and the day of fire and blood is fast approaching. I imagine all Nationalists around the world are tabulating their mental lists of who is with us and who is going to weep tears of blood to pay for all of our fallen comrades and the indignity that our enemies have tried to foist upon us.

    Fly the flag of your people high and proud,wherever you are. Let them see that no threat or act can cow us. Let them see the immortality we stand for. Let them see that Nationalism DOES NOT DIE.

  3. I read the first page of comments on that link and i stopped as i could feel my IQ levels dropping. Its pointless to engage assholes like that in conversation as they never look at facts and only quote and use ideology of the deluded kind so discussing with them would be an mind numbing experience.

    On that note have a look at this SLUT and what she said


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