2 comments on “The Possible Involvement Of  the PASOK Criminal Organization In The CIA and Mossad Plan To Assassinate Former Prime Minister Karamanlis-

  1. It’s amazing you guys even get access to this information. I take it at least some of those in higher government aren’t total traitors? In the US we are mostly totally ZOG, and with the Patriot Act I think so much more just goes on without any avenue for transparency.

  2. Many western governments have become ZOG, some more obvious than others. The New Zealand government for instance is more ZOG than the average New Zealander (lemming) realises although the current Prime Minister, John Key, is probably the one of the most obvious jew politicians they’ve had there. It’s common knowledge that his mother is a full jewess and just look at any photo of him that isn’t directly straight on – that massive hook sticks out like proverbial dog’s balls!!!

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