12 comments on “Lambros Fountoulis,father of murdered victim, Speaks Out to Media Snakes: “I am proud of my son’s ideas and patriotism.”

  1. What an intelligent and dignified man.
    RIP our Golden Dawn brothers you will not be
    We are holding a vigil for these men tonight in Leeds England.
    Hail the Golden Dawn and Greece.

  2. To spread the message of GD even further I could also think of translating English-German if requested. Any interest?

    Hail to a Europe of fatherlands!

    • Certainly, english would be the first prority, but the more languages the better, what we are looking for now is someone who has the ability to embed the english into the video.

  3. i was going to suggest some time back already that GD appoint someone to translate all video clips of speaches and appearences on tv that one can find on the GD website have subtitles so that many can get a clearer understanding of the GD and not be so quick to critisize it once they understand it as its all fine and well that greeks who can understand what is said but when u are trying to gain support on a global scale which is going to be needed one has to send the message far and wide and subtitles are the only way

  4. My heart and body ache for this man. I can’t read past the first few paragraphs; the reporter is so determined to cajole and even seemingly force his answers…

    • One person made one with youtube captions, but what we are really looking for is one IMBEDED in the video itself, so that when people share it imbeded on blogs or websites, the captions will show up.

      • If you are satisfied with the subtitles but only need them embedded, send me a copy of the subs and I’ll get on with the embedding. Otherwise it will take much longer as I’ll have to go through all the timing etc. The hardest part is keeping it readable when you have two people talking at the same time. Anyway, I’ll make a start on it and hope to hear from you soon 😉

  5. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Interesting how the reporter here tries to somehow put blame on the victim for being associated with GD.

    So whatever happened of the idea of freedom of association?

    The NWO is run by Judaism, which is the equivalent of Communism. Just simply seeking another form of governance outside of the Commie NWO is enough to make you punishable by death.

    Ping back to the USA. White victims of die-versity, the foot soldiers of the NWO in the USA, are often blamed for their circumstances. Libtards in the US blamed Zimmerman for getting attacked by Trayvon Martin by stating that ‘he should not have gotten out of his car.’ Anytime a white person is murdered or maimed by Die-versity in the US, he or she is somehow to blame ( Ex: Blonde female Sandusky murdered by black man along with her two children in Ohio and is said to have ‘used drugs’).

    Those people who stand in the way of the Zio New World Order will be criminalized when alive and when murdered, blame will be cast upon them for simply being alive because anyone who disagrees with the NWO is a target to be rubbed out.

  6. This is religious belief in the American Empire. Left-wing and nonwhite and Jewish dead are martyrs while white and right-wing deaths are justifiable according to theology of Holocaustianity-cultural marxism.

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