8 comments on “SYRIZA Had Demanded Removal Of Security Cameras From Golden Dawn Offices-Ο Σύριζα είχε απαιτήσει την απομάκρυνση των καμερών ασϕαλείας από τα γραϕεία μας

      • the Greek elections are supposed to be then, thas is correct. They are always supposed to complete a full circle of governance after 4 years. The filthy Jew – American slave government of Samaras got elected on late June 2012, and with a big amount of Greek voters denying to exercise their right to vote for the 1rst time back then. After that the party of Samaras formed a coalition with the 2 most popular parties following, democratic left&Pasok. This new “coalition” followed the orders&instructions of Troika in Greece blindy, attending all EU conferences with surprising slave&submissive behavior with Samaras party -new democracy- showing a tremendous&devoted determination to change fast&effectively many very basic social infrastructures in the country, apart the harsh measures&taxes his “majesty”&gang forced to Greek people by violating the constitution itself, the laws of the country&simple common sense a dozen of times. Given all that..and guessing that genocidal Troika&all Jew serving EU powers will only push&push for more&more, digging the knife only deeper with the Greek government practising whats already abroad decided, I believe it is risky&unknown to guess if his party&the memorial other will be able to be that effective&keep on literally tearing apart the country with the same speed until 2016. But my personal guess is that he won’t stand it for that long, not the way it used to be anyway. The consequences are already dramatic, they forced the changes way too fast, the illegal immigration issue keeps going uncontrolled&growing every single month too. The only true salvation&non willing to get along&pay orders from Zion American Jews&be sold out like a weak traitor for dirty personal benefits party is Golden Dawn. And every Truly nationalist party across all white nations that is Not afraid to be openly antisemitic in public

  1. No idea when they will allow him to be out, I suppose the filthy hypocrite puppets must have run secret public polls that never allowed media to show , of course, and literally freaked out with the rapid powerful almost explosive uprising of Golden Dawn, GD used to be much more of a smaller 100% nationalist party, they underestimated it a Lot, they underestimated the reaction of people too, so they must have Reaally panicked to come up with illegal, non-existing almost Irrational accusations to prison the leading members, for God knows how long.. by brain bombing the Greeks on media with anti- golden dawn propaganda for weapons&criminal activity that they could never really prove. It was clearly a desperate attempt from goverment,EU&the Jews watching through public polls to stop whats coming! Political assassination of a legal and democratically elected party by inventing once again lies to justify the unjustified. The river has started flowing though, and they can’t stop it with illegal desperate tries. It is spreading and growing bigger all over Europe now, Canada ,Australia,US and other white nations. Until they let them out, nationalism, honor, courage and patriotism are out there everywhere and only growing

  2. Looks like Golden Dawn are on the second phase of Schopenhauer’s quote about the truth.

    It’s very obvious from reading about these murders that they were state sanctioned.

    I predict every European country will have to experience what GD are experiencing now…until victory becomes inevitable. We know they’ll use every dirty trick in the book.

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