33 comments on “Golden Dawn New York Demonstrates in Midtown Manhattan for Giorgos and Manolis!

  1. Good work comrades!
    The Swedish Resistance Movement had a demonstration in support of the victims and Golden Dawn yesterday.
    Unfortunately it wasn’t as smooth. 80 men and women of the resistance walked the streets of Stockholm and more than a 1000 “democrats” had gathered to stop and disrupt the lawful, legal demonstration.
    The bravery of the Swedish Resistance is enormous
    Hail Golden Dawn, Hail Swedish Resistance!
    PS: Here is a video of the demonstration… not really calm and quiet.

  2. Maybe post the link you have on your blog here to Germany’s pro-Golden Dawn demonstration? That was you I think…

  3. Just when I was starting to feel ashamed we americans have not put together a demonstration in support…

    Even the TYN, Traditionalist Youth Network, whose symbol references Golden Dawn, has yet to put together some demonstration and video. Stormfronters follow the events in Greece closely and claim solidarity but remain passive, which is a reflection on the sorry state of nationalist activism in the US – passivity.

    I think many american male ‘leaders’ are in fact ashamed of how ineffectual they appear in comparison. GD’s rise has really caused some painful soul-searching and internal strife in the american movement. Here’s to hoping your example helps us find our way…

    Out of curiosity, does GD NYC allow women to demonstrate…same question for GD in Greece?

      • If you’re addressing this to me I’m not sure what you’re meaning is with your question.

      • I was referring specifically to the fact that no one in the US had put together a demonstration in solidarity with Golden Dawn after their three young members had been shot. I am not exempt from the category of ‘passive’ in this example, although I am not geographically near anyone who might help.

        Matt Parrott of TYN recently stated that white women, who are getting raped, murdered, and more every day and week in the US by diversity, are ‘privileged’ compared to black women, so excuse me for wishing white america had real men defending it.

        So I stand by my comment’s larger indictment of TYN.

  4. You are scum, leave american resources alone. Your little club will be destroyed if you do not leave our country. In Greece, where useful idiots thrive it seems, to them you`re heroes, but here you are nothing more than filth.

    • Spoken like a true pencil-necked leftist keyboard commando. Here’s what we know – you trendy little mummy’s boys are all full of bravado hiding behind your generic nom-de-plumes in comments sections, chatrooms & forums but do you ever face anything physically front on like a real man? Don’t bother – we already know the answer to that too. Those that do actually get out of their bedrooms are so weak & pathetic they have to cover their faces, hunt in packs like scavenging hyenas waiting for the next instruction and only ever hit out when there is no chance of retaliation ie. hitting people when their backs are turned, punching women smaller than themselves and most cowardly of all, running in blasting away with guns (faces covered as usual) and running away as fast as possible. You know as well as we do that in a face-to-face fight you’d last 5 seconds you pathetic piece of shit. That’s why you are not men. That is why you WILL be mopped up. Your day of reckoning is fast approaching. The boys will be sorted from the men and no amount “brave words” typed through your keyboard will save you…

    • “I dunno actually.”

      Wow! I couldn’t have summed up the average leftist understanding of anything better than this guy did himself!

      Hey good show GD New York. Pretty sure if more people had’ve known about this they would’ve joined you. I’m sure many people in the US look to what GD has done as inspiration even if they haven’t taken any action themselves on their home turf. I certainly look on across the seas with great interest & awe and wish you all, both in Greece & New York, the very best in your struggle!

  5. Redfront wouldn’t leave Goldman Sachs racketeers a pseudo-threatening message like that, he would be labeled an Anti-Semite by the Anti-Defamation League and have the FBI at his house causing him to get grounded by his rich mommy and daddy. The collaboration of capitalism, the plutocratic state, and Anarcho-Communism known as “Anti-Fa” or “Anti-Racism” which only targets of course, gentiles of European descent, is a testament to the fact that all 3 of these forces lack any principles what so ever.

    They all work together against the real rebels: those who struggle for their people to merely exist against a system that seeks to casually eradicate us from the face of the earth. I would recommend you keep raging against your bedtime and that your parents won’t buy you iPhone 5, if we weren’t stopping before, now we are ever more zealous after your Anarchist comrades murdered our brothers. The people are against you, when the Greek state collapses, suddenly Anarchists and Communists will collapse with them, because if you weren’t within the system and supported by the mainstream media you’d be nothing but a small minority of freaks everyone would mock and jeer at. Even with state-support you are that, only you get away every time you kill, assault, defame, or harass us.

    • Absolutely spot on Edward….The “BRO” word tells you what type of halfwit wrote that comment and what kind of morons belong to this criminal organisation,the Redc,nt, sorry i ment the Redfront….Keep the faith my friend…

  6. Giorgos kai Manos, athanatoi!

    Is there another Chrysi Avghi group which is abroad, like Chrysi Avghi Neas Yorkis, but somewhere else in Europa?
    In France for exemple?

  7. Great work guys!

    The Anglophone world is notorious for its soft totalitarianism. Hopefully now that a few have come out to demonstrate in NY with no repercussions, more and more supporters will begin to protest all over the world.

    Are there plans for more protests around the 40 day mark for the mnimosyno?

  8. Marinos- In order to protect your rights to peacefully assemble in memory of two dead young men, you have to simply take some precautions. Always obey every law carefully, even the smallest sidewalk ordinances, because the police will use any excuse to break up your protest no matter how peaceful, respectful, and polite you are. Bring a video camera in case the New York Times incites Left-wing terrorists to violently disrupt you and you have to defend yourself, so that later they don’t go and spread lies about being victims when they get hurt after being the aggressors, like happened with Clement Meric in France. Expose the Leftists for what they are: violent thugs and murderers.

    And always remember, the mainstream capitalist media will never, EVER write anything good about you, they will publish baseless rumors and hearsay of “radical” communists and Anarchists over anything you say regardless of how much evidence you have, so don’t talk to them under any circumstances unless it is a live, unedited, televised interview and you have a knack for hitting curve balls.

    The Capitalists and Communists are in a united front together against nationalists, but standing up like a man to call attention to the two young men ruthlessly murdered in cold-blood by Anarchist mercenaries on behalf of the Greek government is something that should be assumed as duty, regardless of what the odds are.

  9. If you want to see the alliance of the state and “radical Left”, look into the case of Clement Meric. The entire media reported in unison that he was beaten in a prolonged, unprovoked attack by “neo-Nazis” . The state used it as an excuse to ban “Racist” IE nationalist groups and published the “ANTIFA” lies as ultimate facts in their press. But CCTV footage showed otherwise, forgotten by most media of course:

    “A video depicting the last moments of an 18-year-old leftist who died during a scuffle with neo-Nazis in Paris suggests he was felled with a single punch.

    French police reportedly get hold of CCTV footage from Paris transport company RATP showing Clement Meric, a student at Sciences Po University, in a fight in the central Rue de Caumartin earlier in June.

    Meric is seen rushing towards his alleged killer, Esteban Morillo, to hit him in the back; Morillo turns and punches Meric in the face, RTL radio reported. Meric collapses to the floor almost immediately.”

    Imagine if someone, perhaps a girl in the group, stayed back and filmed the whole confrontation then immediately uploaded it to youtube. The media, government and the Leftist assault battalions liars would look like the corrupt fools they are.

  10. I,m sorry I could,nt be there to march with you my brothers, Hail Golden Dawn bringing light to those who have lost their way

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