9 comments on “Positive News! Our hospitalized brother Alexander Gerontas is getting better!

  1. I hope he gets better soon. Any GD supporter is my brother by heart.
    He could even give some insights about the criminals, when he recovers.

  2. Best wishes young man. Like Horst Wessel, your sacrifice and those of your two comrades will be immortalized – you should be proud and encouraged that you belong to a political movement such as GD that honors the sacrifices of its brethren and stands as the historical memory of past generations of Greeks. Speedy recovery to you and parents’ wishes to your parents.

  3. great news. I think we should all congratulate the hospital staff who under harsh cuts and working conditions imposed by the Jihadist Pasok/ND criminal organisation have saved our brother

    • I am afraid of hospitals in the US because most of the doctors are jews, and after that, ‘diverse.’ I fully believe that the jews installed non-white doctors for the very purpose of having this direct control over us. I have worried for Alexander as to how the hospital would treat him.

    • Agreed with you. I live in Greece. My best friend’s uncle in Athens drives ambulances for a living. Funnily, he happened to be the one called to go and pick up Alexandros and the other 2 boys that nightl. He was the one who arrived first at the awful crime scene, after seeing that the other 2 boys were already dead, they immediately picked up Alexandro and took him to the emergencies in hospital. I don’t know which is hospital in Athens he works to, but haven’t they arrived so fast, Alexandros would be much more worse now. He was losing lots of blood every single minute going by. The Greek ambulances in Greece overall are very bad into driving and showing up on time, this is a huge problem with emergency situations in the country. My friend told me yesterday that the crew of the hospital and especially the ambulance drivers were awarded and honored for their actions and especially for being so fast this time and arriving first.

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