8 comments on “Nikos Michaloliakos: “Even behind the prison walls I am free!”

  1. What a Giant of a man…Millions all over europe are waking up to this evil. The day is surely approaching when these conspirators will be scuttling off to their rat holes!!! My utmost respect Nikolaos Michaloliakos and to all our sisters and brothers….

  2. A true champion of civil rights,, the Dawning of a new age ais coming upon us,A Golden Dawn for Greece, Europe, & Occidental civilization is beginning, Nikos is an inspiration to us here in U.S Hail Golden Dawn biringing light to those who have lost their way

  3. Nikolaos is a great man, worlds beyond the cowards and traitors that have led our nations for decades, the spineless wretches that are little more than whores for alien interests. All the best to Nikolaos and the Golden Dawn.

  4. Hail our leader and hail Golden Dawn! Soon our leader and his captors will switch positions! That’s when the real leaders of the Greeks will be free and the real crooks will be behind bars!!

  5. when is he coming out ? Why is it taking this long ? where are the GD legal armada, ? How can the occupation government decree detentions without trial ? What is going on ? We know the state does not exist, what exists is a government of occupation without legitimacy

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