13 comments on “Top Russian Advisor, Aleksandr Dugin, Communicating With N.G. Michaloliakos Via Letters- Defencenet: Οι επιστολές Αλεξάντερ Ντούγκιν – Ν. Γ. Μιχαλολιάκου

  1. Putin’s seeming anti-zionist stance impresses me, but as an anglo-celt (or gemanic celt) I still regard him with some skepticism in general.

    ‘Anglo’ or ‘celt’ barely mean anything anymore, our countries are so ZOG.

    Neither Dugin nor the Greeks look particularly eurasian to me, but what do I know…

    The Irish Nationalists have publicly announced that they are modeling their movement on Golden Dawn’s. Don’t count out some of your northwestern european brothers. Most White Nationalists all over the anglo celtic-founded US celebrate Golden Dawn’s success. It is only among some of the ‘leaders’ who have been exposed as frauds, and zio-sell outs that GD’s rise has been undervalued. In general our people feel profound solidarity with you.

    • When they speak of a “Eurasian Alliance” it means geopolitical cooperation between certain Asian and European countries, not an alliance of “Eurasian People” as some in the West may interpret it.

      • … “Eurasian Alliance” means geopolitical cooperation between certain Asian and European countries, not an alliance of “Eurasian People” …

        Is this something akin to Norman Lowell’s “Europe of the Regions”? It sounds divisive to me.

        I speculate that Dugin does not understand, or will not admit, that the 20th century was NOT the American Century — it was the continuation of an attempted Pax Judaica, facilitated through jewthink lap dogs in Britain and America.

        The prescient German Wilhelm Marrs saw this no later than 1879.


      • Yes while most American “white nationalist’ idealize a sort of United Europen Nationalist states, what is happening in Europe is far from this ideal. Certain nations are degenerating fast and becoming openly hostile to others that are more traditional. Just because every country in Europe has nationalists, does not mean that all these countries will have Nationalist governments at the same time, or even at all.

    • Don’t be. They gotta do what they gotta do. Besides, for us in the U.S. ,worse is better. The zionists who have captured our governments need to spread their “liberal democracy” and money worship all around the globe to thrive,or even just to survive. If Greece,Serbia,and Russia cut off at least those avenues, zionists lose revenue (to oppress us with) and they lose political clout.

      What WE need to do is focus on helping Greece and others do what they need to do and get our people to refuse to be the zionists’ attack dogs in any kind of retaliation against nationalists for doing just that. If the commies can intervene on behalf of their comrades in Vietnam, then we can viciously resist any U.S. attack on Greece from here.I imagine Britain will follow suit. Plus, we can agitate against the Greek government’s unconstitutional actions towards the Golden Dawn Party and embarrass them in the international media for imprisoning Golden Dawn’s M.P.s and conducting their nuisance searches of Golden Dawn’s offices and such.

      So basically, that’s the plan. Resist militarization against Greece,Russia, and other nationalist states,send aid to Greece and agitate on their behalf here,our allies will kick the zionist money power out of their countries which will shrink their revenue base and make them look weak and powerless. When their followers and sympathizers begin to experience their Crisis, then WE kick them out of OUR countries and send them back to their desert shithole to provoke the Muslims until the Muslims get the bomb and wipe them out.


  2. Greece should exit the EU and join with the East by joining the SCO. Greece has no future with the EU that will continue to drag it down for decades to come. World power is shifting to the East. The West is being strangled in a super debt cycle collapse.

    Greece, join with your Eastern Orthodox brothers. You have no future in the EU that is nothing more than an American vassal.

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