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  1. Lords of the Wasteland: the Triumph of the Golden Dawn

    Behold, Lords of Greece
    And the Greek People!
    The Golden Dawn has arisen
    From the vaults of Greece’s
    Most inaccessible regions,
    And become a force that is
    Going to cleanse the land of
    The pestilence and decay that
    Has infiltrated into the hearts
    And minds of the people of
    Holy and sacrosanct Greece,
    The Land of Tradition and the
    Land of all that the World has
    Stood for for countless
    Thousands of years.
    Young and old alike will be
    Given a new opportunity to be
    Greek again, and not have to
    Cower and quake before the
    Presence of foreigners who have
    Come to dominate the land of
    Greece for many years now.
    In the Kali Yuga, the age of death,
    Greece will be a plaything for those
    Who govern the Earth,
    But the Golden Dawn will be a
    Bulwark against the enemies
    Of Greece,
    Within and without.
    We of the Golden Dawn pledge to
    Defend our sacred homeland,
    With all of our heart and soul,
    And will not shirk at the tasks
    And responsibilities that will
    Be laid down before us, keeping
    Vigil continuously thru out the
    Day and night,
    Ever ready to do battle with those
    Who want nothing more than our
    Demise and downfall.
    Lords of Greece and the
    Greek People,
    Hear our words as they echo
    Across the land:
    The Golden Dawn is here to stay,
    And we will be your protectors
    And your benefactors
    Till the end of all things,
    Hand-in-hand in triumph and
    Leading Greece to lost glory
    Once more.

    Hail Victory!
    Hail Greece!
    Long Live the Ancient Dreams!

    Vasili Bakagias
    June 2012

  2. That is a great poem Vasili. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to live and see the beginning of the end of the Kali Yuga, if so I hope to be in the front lines. Hellas will give birth to a new civilization that is also old: renaissance of our race is long overdue.

  3. Hail Golden Dawn from New Zealand!

    Been great to follow your rise from this side of the world – gives me, and many others here I’m sure, much hope that the enemy CAN and WILL be destroyed!

  4. It is an exceedingly encouraging sign. If we continue and maintain our rateing in this vein, comes 2014 election time we should be well preprared. First we must conquer the major municipalities. there lies the rub, the launching platform for the GD to go higher and onto larger dimensions.
    The municipality of Athens has to be won and Red Kaminis hounded, and run out of political life.

  5. I always thought that the Germans would be the first to rise against the Jewish terror. It is with great pleasure I see that the people of Europes cradle goes first.

  6. Hail Golden Dawn, this should catch fire in Europe and hopefully soon here in U.S Golden Dawn if & when you could we would love your help & expertise guidance here in U.S where you are so desperately needed

  7. Hail Golden Dawn from Los Angeles, California! Never forget that your bravery gives humanity hope. The Golden Dawn of America is coming.

  8. Great news for Nationalist everywhere…Here, in our once safe, Green and Pleasant Land the criminals of the “BBC” and the controlled Press are doing their very best to destroy everything we hold dear about our Country and making sure our children have no future…We too have a Great leader , Mr Nick Griffin MEP of the British National Party, (BNP) who really does need to be our Prime Minister soon, because time is quickly running out before the controlled traitors, perverts and thieves finish their “game plan” British Nationalist send their love to your Leader Nicolaos. an honest and great man….GOLDEN DAWN, what a beautiful name….

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