13 comments on “Yesterday, 69 years ago in Russia, The story of Vlasov against Stalin.

  1. But I thought the Germans wanted to exterminate all the Slavs, like the media says? But never do you hear about the Ukrainian Insurgent Army or Vlasov’s rebels.

    Of course, it’s a lie, although based on a kernel of truth (more than you can say about 90% of the stuff they say about WWII). 1920’s era Hitler was hostile to Poles and some Slavs, but this was over territorial issues, not racial ones, the USSR was far more hostile towards Poles for example (do you ever hear them talking about the Katyn Forest Massacre now that Soviet archives proves it was the USSR that mass murdered the Polish officers, and not the Germans as they testified and even executed German officers for?). Still today, Germans and Poles sporadically clash over these issues. German foreign policy and ideological views changed dramatically from 1920’s to 1944. It wasn’t just Russians who defected to the other side, but even Indians and Africans that real racists like Britain used as cannon fodder. The man who liberated India from the British, Chandra Bose, led a division allied with the Germans in India. The first Palestinian liberation movement fought against the British and Zionist colonialists with the German air forces support.

    Ironic how the Left and Right will both ignore real history, and stick to the narrative about world war 2. The Left, if it was really anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist, would certainly applaud support for self-determination movements in the third world (the Germans and Japanese even supported American Indian groups in America against Roosevelt) , and the Right should in theory have supported the anti-communist efforts that would’ve saved the 10’s of millions of people who died under Communism. But instead, the “Right wing” picked one of history’s biggest killers-Stalin-and half of Asia and Europe had to suffer under military imposed Communist rule, and the Left-wing rationalized and tried to protect British colonial interests in Africa and Asia.

  2. What did Churchill get for allying with Stalin? The complete collapse of Britain as a superpower and new historical phase of being America’s irrelevant lap dog.

    And Roosevelt? The Cold War, and a number of wars 10’s of thousands of Americans had to die in an attempt to contain the spread of particularly barbaric variety of Asian communism.

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    As I have shared before on other blogs ( ex: SBPDL), I used to be under the delusion that the USA was about freedom and Capitalism. I have come to view Communism and Capitalism as the same thing. Capitalism is just ‘a turd painted gold’ so to speak. The end result of both systems is a large mass of working poor and a few elite rich.

    The Allies were not about freedom. They were and still are about bullying other countries to conform to the New World Order.

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