13 comments on “European Jewish Congress Requires EU to Ban Freedom of Expression

  1. Is it not obvious to those with eyes that see that the same communists who blighted Russia for decades never went away but in fact have simply been working on a greater communist state? This is their most blatant public statement to date and we can see clearly who they are and who they’ve always been – the JEW! There is no option but to stop them by whatever means necessary…

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    This online article was previously highlighted on VB.

    International Jewry’s intent is to purport a Nee World Order where being a person of Christian European descent is a crime in itself. The Zios wish to subjugate Europe and purport communistic psychological, emotional, physical, and economic abuse on Europeans. They wish to do the same to Australia, New Zealand, and America. South Africa is what they want where active genicideocide against Boer farmers is occurring.

    The Jews are the penultimate anti White / European. They have been hunting us down since Christ. They have used the tenets of Christ and Christianity against us.

    Christ died for our sins. He was an individual that made an indelible mark on humanity. Christianity and its belief that an individual can make a difference stemming from the example of Christ is the basis of the West. The West is individualism, the freedom of expression. Christ expressed anger and turned over the tables of the money changers. He was nonconformist but caused no violence. Yet the Jews could not handle an individual who expressed him or her self freely and who embraced women and children. The West is about the curiousity if a child’s mind to test limits. It is the individual business owner or farmer who does not have to make a ton of money, he or she just wants to run his or her own life.

    Judaism = Communism. It is the belief that the elite few control the large masses. People are just cogs and they have no right to express themselves individually . People are commodified and depersonalized. There is no free thought, just a script or narrative to follow.

    I hope to God that the EU does not buckle; however, the NWO Jewry has paid off many powerful leaders who do not care about the interests if their constituents.

    It appears to me that WWIII is brewing. The saying goes that the third time is the charm. Maybe Europe ( and the USA) will get it right this time and expel the Jews. The entitled Chosen aka Communists just can’t seem to co exist peacefully without trying to dominate and subjugate.

    The 21st Century will be the make it or break it century for the West. I am realistic but optimistic. I am in the fourth decade in my life and I have seen the societal decline in America and it saddens me. Yet, the spark of the West has been ignited by Golden Dawn and I am inspired. I see a rebirth happening and it will be messy, but hopefully the West will get it right.

    Bottom line: the Jews don’t belong in Western society.

  3. The laying of flowers on Maréchal Philippe Pétain’s tomb during the period 1984 to 1991 has caused much controversy.
    Under the presidency of Général de Gaulle Pétain’s tomb was decorated with flowers in the president’s name on 10 November 1968 for the 50th anniversary of the 1918 armistice[17][18][19] and again in February 1973 (under Georges Pompidou), following attacks on the tomb at L’Île-d’Yeu and once more in 1978 (under Valéry Giscard d’Estaing), for the 60th anniversary of the victory in 1918.

    During François Mitterrand’s presidency, the grave was decorated with flowers 22 September 1984 (the day Mitterrand met Helmut Kohl at Verdun),[20] then on 15 June 1986 (70th anniversary of the Battle for Verdun) and every 11 November from 1987 to 1992.
    This practice only stopped after numerous protests from the Jewish community.[21]


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