8 comments on “Israel: The Air Force Of Al-Qaeda

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    This piece at the GD site notes how Israel has struck Syria six times in the last year in order to weaken it to make it susceptible to Jihadists.

    So much for Jewish tolerance.

    The Jews are doing the same in Europe and in the USA where they uses blacks and Muslims as their exterminationist pawns in the battle against Christians of European descent. As the saying goes my enemy’s enemy is a friend of mine. So true regarding the Jews and Israel.

    Chechar writes in his blog that the 21st century will be make it or break it for Christian European culture. I

    In order to have Europe rise again, the evil axis of America and Israel must be destabilized. Then the NWO will be thwarted.

  2. I seen this video of a Greek singer who says “Golden Dawn will save Greece”, I don’t understand Greek but I know the general idea of what it was about, Golden Dawn, Media, etc. Figured it might be good to translate for others. Although, I hope this guy stays safe, famous people tend to get hurt by the government if they speak out. This man has a lot of courage.

    • Christopher you are very right. I can explain. This is the translation

      Reporter: We’ve seen&heard comments regarding what happened last year, you know, the Nazi salute , also what happened later on with Antonis.
      Singer: Nazi salute?
      Reporter: You know all these comments that existed
      Singer: For me? Tell all these curs(shit dogs) that are governing you and said that for me, that this Nazi salute i made, was the salute the Hitler followers were doing, the Nazis in other words, and i made it while i was singing a song called “Plateia” and at that moment i was taunting and making fun of the Nazis, saying “Deutschland ueber alles”, in other words Germany on top of all. In other words this song of mine was actually taunting the Germans. Also, i had absolutely no heating up moment or conflict with Antonis. Antonis can not be Notis (Notis is his own name) and Notis (himself) is not Antonis. We cannot be same people, his business is other things, my business is other things as well. I am a politically skeptical person, and i can have a public right to speak, and i tend to think all the time politically, because i am a civilian, i am not a “customer” (he means customer of some politicians, hinting in a sarcastic manner that other Greeks were bought from the politicians to supprt and vote them, they dont have an ideology..they act like humans-customers bought from the traitor politicians of Greece in order to vote for them). So like i said, i am a Civilian, and all these scum that is governing you and torturing you is politicians that i did Not evaluate the same way you did, i have not helped them be in these positions they are today, and i did not give to them any power whatsoever, so I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO SPEAK UP MY OWN OPINION, since i do not owe to anyone anything, but instead those “employees” (he means the politicians by employees) owe to me a Lot. The first thing they owe to me, is that they turned my own people, my fella Greeks into miserable people. Now, of course Golden Dawn supporters are Not fascists. And these people have locked up in jail someone who is a leader of a political party. No one has that right, who the Hell gave You the right, mr,. Evangele (leader of Pasok) you pig, raising your fingers and teaching us what is right or wrong constitutionally, do you understand what i’m saying now misses?
      Reporter: You know what they will say for you tomorrow? That you actually support Golden Dawn!
      Singer: Pff who gives a damn what they will say..what did you say?
      Reporter: i said they will say that you support Golden Dawn
      Singer: So they will say that i might support it? YOU ARE COMPELLED TO SUPPORT Golden Dawn. Because if you think about it, Golden Dawn speaks of a Dawn.. the other political parties are only darkness. Some people in the past asked me why dont you go down to be a politician and get elected? And i replied to them i do not because i ‘ve been taught in my life to only try to reach higher, not to go down.
      Reporter: Recently we have seen many of your coworkers being targeted from the Economical police of Greece because they deny to pay their taxes.
      Singer: Oh they do not pay their taxes? Are you kidding me now? Papantoniou who was minister of the financies, wasn’t he himself a tax evader? Papakonstantinou who was another financies minister wasn’t a tax evader as well? Simitis who was the prime minister of the country itself wasn’t a tax evader too? Tell me, have you gone mad? Can;t you see? Why are you always trying to only speak up of the little things just because they (meaning the ones who rule you) told you to call tax evaders simple civilians forgetting the Big ones, so that you will confuse our minds and force our minds to forget what is really happening? What are these things..tax evaders,pffff.. the minister of financies is the Real tax evader, they are the ones who are tax evaders, they who enact laws so that we simple civilians will not be able to stand financially to pay back the taxes, the congress men themseloves are not paying the 75% of their own taxes. So in other words, our employees (meaning the politicians) are not paying the 75% of their income and I have to pay, as you do, taxes back from the first single penny i make, do you understand what i’m saying, Oh just tell them to go f**** themselves

    • This singer, Notis Sfakianakis, produced a song a while ago with the title “Plateia” (in English square/piazza) which speaks about all the lies and literal tyranny the government and the whole rotten political system of traitors are all about. The main chorus of his song says that even if they put a lock in our souls and a tape wrapped around our mouth so we won’t be able to speak, there are still sidewalks, streets and city squares where people will feel free to speak about the traitors forcing a mind and soul junta and the misery they are being conditioned into.
      When he made that song, directly attacking the rotten political system of the dangerous harsh austerity measures, as well as the nerve they have to think that people will not rise and stand up against them eventually, media and public opinion did not give a damn for his singing concerns. Now that he decided to Dare talk openly in favor of Golden Dawn, they are literally SO upset and pissed off he came out to speak in favor of what they are Most afraid of in Greece, Golden Dawn, it is most likely that they will try to condemn him for all the following weeks and months to come, as a Nazi,, criminal ,fascist and a low life Uneducated stupid singer that everyone should stop listening to and they will try to make him an example of punishment for any other singer or Greek celebrity who will follow his courage and speak otherwise of what the whole system of “democratic”, leftist, political correct and “mentally superior” liberal and Jewish scum wants

  3. You are very welcome Xristo. It’s the least i could do. Yes this video you uploaded is also a very good video too of Notis speaking some truth over “racism and how Normal and healthy of a social defense mechanism of Greeks or local people of European countries it could be to prevent themselves due to the the million of numbers of illegal immigrant invaders every passing year” , which is something you will absolutely Never hear from any channel today on the Greek TV. Seems like he has lots of courage and decency to openly support Golden Dawn and rub it up to the face of all media interviewing him, for sure, knowing how bad they will detest him after and try to do anything to harm him professionally. It is actually a pleasant surprise to see today, after all the pain and literal hell the Greeks have been forced into, to watch live on the tv singers, actors, “people of example for a lifestyle” as i call or other “political correct” celebrities going upset and talking about the real thing everybody else in their professional area tries to hide, which is zero tolerance and support to Golden Dawn.

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