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    • I dont entirely follow your insinuation about the boarders however, when I saw the picture of those vile Muslims burning the Norwegian flag I can only think that htey all should be chucked out; mother, father, children, grandparents – the whole lot of them out. If the are any stupid white (real) Norwegians who converted to Islam they must leave too. The gall and audacity these vermin.

    • My earliest ancestors came from some where up there to establish what we now know as Normandy. Some thing drastic has happened to those people up there since then that I am not as quick as I used to be to tell others about it. It pains me to say that if they have become so cowardly that they would rather lay down and be exterminated like Dodo birds, then let it be and the sooner the better. Firstly because they are a disgrace to the White race and secondly they can at least serve as a warning to other Whites of a similar mind.

      • You must sleep 24/7 NOT to know this islamization is well along in Scandinavia and Europe.

    • Are these Moslem terrorists know what ‘jihad’ means. “Jihad’ means liberation – liberation from inner evil resulting from transcendentary process of ‘material energy’ – that we all are. It is money backed leadership that brought distortions to what ‘Jihad means and the result is killing humanity. But, most Moslems know this, NATURE has power to balance itself. one need not worry.

  1. Phase 3: When muslims constitute over 20% of the population a holy war begins (jihad).

    I am sorry to say that but so-called jihad starts already when introducing Phase 1.
    So perceived “decent behaviour” is nothing but a legitimate element of jihad, commonly called taqiyya or kitman.

    .. and yes… they have been boiling the frog now for quite some time in Europe.

  2. Absolutely shocking!! What the hell are you people in Norway doing!..Are you so BRAIN DEAD or COWARDLY to let this happen…Have you no pride!. What about your childrens future, dont you care! You come from Viking stock and you let A BUNCH of “CONTROLLED” scumbag TRAITORS give your COUNTRY away….What as been done is so evil .No one will be safe , specially your daughters…..!

    • The Glorious culture of the Norse being run over by a bunch of lazy barbaric Sand Rats is enbareassing to realize that these are my root stock that explored the world and had equal rights and democracy at the Yearly Thing. Deport the trouble makers or get of your lazy asses and destroy the Followers of Loki. You started shipping the garbage out last year, now narrow the offenses and offensive trouble caused by these leaches… dump them back in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia or a nice empty arctic island. They are an offense to the Norweigian Culture. Destroy the Mosques and start rounding up and ship the Pigs of Islam OUT OF NORWAY. ARE THE NORWEIGIANS THAT POWERLESS IN THERE OWN COUNTRY. YOUR PRIME MINISTER SHOWED HOW TO CLEAN UP OSLO…..CONTINUE!

  3. This was a very enlightening post. I agree with Potts as to the shocking nature of developments in Norway, but at the same time, I am aware of the fact that all three phases could be accomplished here in the United Sates as well. A sharpened and more determined effort by Nationalists in various countries is necessary to stop this destructive invasion from reaching the point where terrorists become a part of modern ‘demographics’. Once again, thank you Golden Dawn for showing us the way in this struggle.

    • It is highly unlikely, by the time Muslims in the US could grow in population to 20% The hispanics and other races will be so numerous that there will be no race even remotely like Norwegians willing to listen to such demands.

      • The muslims are a stealth element in the US, but you’re right in that blacks and hispanics especially are the much bigger demographic threat. I would not underestimate the asians, particularly in the context of Chinese stealth imperialism, either.

      • Very good point, xaameriki. I stand corrected on my first assumption, but still remain convinced of the conclusions to be drawn. Only militant nationalist action will prevent the downslide of multicultural, multiracial rot.

      • Are you kidding? It’s already happening in the US! Out government is already listening to their demands. 😦 As is most of Europe. Wake up! The time to stop a rat infestation is before there are so many that you can’t possibly get rid of them. I feel sorry for the everyday citizens of all these countries! As in the US, citizens are crippled and their wishes ignored, by gutless liberal governments. 😦 They burn a nation’s flag, say they don’t want Norwegian (German, Sweedish, Danish, Greek, American…), society?!? Then get the hell out! And it’s up to the governments to LISTEN to their citizens! I’m sure the citizens of these and other countries would be happy to help show them the door, if the government would give the order.

      • No, im not kidding, it is simply a matter of time and demographics. Statistically the Mexicans will be so numerous that the Muslims wont be able to deal with them.

    • It’s already happening in the U.S. Look at Dearborn Michigan… there are “no go zones” even for police!!

    • Oh yes, you would recruit an army of Dutch Muslims I take it. The sooner that kid pulls his finger out of that Dike the better, because you don’t seem to be in any hurry to pull your’s out.

    • Golden Dawn has quality leadership. There is none in Norway, or the u.k. The hostile elites are pathologically insane.

    • I’ve been wondering of the same exact thing, for countries like Norway, that seems to be probably in the most dangerous and Barbarian condition, a model of a VERY TOLERANT , shamefully tolerant to the new world order of tyranny European country that can be an example of what the other white European countries will sooner or later end up to IF they do NOT resist and become intolerant to everything their governments want to do.

      It is a very natural thing and a rational fact, that a country and a nation that does NOT do Anything, either with weapons, war, blood and actions or with words to RESIST and PROTECT its own identity and right of existence, to be polluted and conquered and get lost from the map of history, So simply. It’s like saying “fight to preserve your specie”, if you do NOT fight, then do Not complain for the danger and the cruel reality of your extinction.

      I am sometimes wondering, when the hell did we All white and European nations forget about the Most simple rule of nature? I mean the only difference of understanding that all these different in religion, language, race and culture creatures that literally invade and multiply with crazy speeds into the European Christian nations are a Huge social and national danger and terror is the fact that they did not come with guns in an openly declared war? It is common sense that if a land is inhabited with a big percentage of foreigners who have their own very strong and intolerant culture, this land will in the end be ruled from the inhabitants that either rank more in population, or form a big percentage of population that is More radical, strong and self-centered than the country that hosts them.

      This is the rules of nature. And the European nations are still proud of being wide-open-minded and unnaturally tolerant to every uncivilized and barbarian foreign element that settles down on their own land,. That’s what you get for being a stupid liberal “democratic” coward open-minded tolerant sheep. The answer is Radical Nationalism and Zero tolerance to everything governments say through media and laws! The times of John Lennon philosophical bullshit and democratic illusions are brutally Over.

      • I suggest that the days of Leftist philosophy and its lies and illusions are about to be over if we will only stand up for ourselves against the governments that tolerate these philosophies and enemies for votes and against those who mean to destroy us from within and without.

        Any politician who gives away its own people’s interests to let more voters in is a short-sighted fool and traitor. They must be removed from office.

        Western tolerance should only go so far. The EU and the US have gone too far when they count tolerance as letting the enemy make war on the citizenry. That’s NOT tolerance, it is lunacy and insanity.

        Norway is being ruled by pinheads and the mentally ill leaders. A democratic stand must be made to get people to vote differently, and to get them to search for more intelligent and mentally stable politicians. Leftists should NOT apply!!

  4. From England, please take notice ..Golden Dawn Patriots were demonstrating outside your Embassy in London recently over those wicked murders. I was watching this video on the internet, about that demo when i noticed the person on the loudspeaker……Is name is Peter Rushton ……This man, is known as a “wrong un” in National circles …

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    Scary stuff. Expect more bus stabbings, bombings, etc.

    It saddens me to see the Scandinavian countries go through this. It is always the same pattern though both here in the States and abroad in Greece and Norway. The people who will be hurt are everyday Norwegian citizens taking the bus or tram to school or to work, not the culture destroying, wealthy Marxists who purposely engineered this mass immigration of Muslims ( African, Pakistani, whatever) to destroy the social fabric of the nations of Europe.

  6. These Arabs only misbehave in places with weak natives. Imagine if Muslims burned the Polish flag in Poland, or the Serbian flag in Serbia, or the Greek flag in Greece. How long would they last?

    Scandanavian countries today are hyper-individualist compared to Slavic, Latin, and Hellenic cultures. They are going to have to change this very quickly, or simply whither away while sanctimoniously lecturing the rest of Europe for rejecting their “model social-democracy”. Jews are the problem in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, smash their power structure and all of these problems will “magically” go away.

  7. “Muslims in Norway now demand a separate state”.

    How about we just kill you and the Jew who brought you here and be done with it.


  8. This isn’t news; it’s based on an article that is over a year old. When the news broke, most people shrugged and laughed. Nobody took this serious, not even the muslims living in Oslo.

    Disclaimer: I live in Oslo, Norway.

    • Well, I guess everything is just fine then isn’t it Mr. Aursand? You had a nice chat with all the muslims in Norway and they reassured you they don’t take it serious right?

      I’m sure you all have found the secret formula to having a peaceful society with the Muslims, unlike all the Greeks and other people in the Balkans.

      I mean what do we know right? We only dealt with them for the better part of 1000 years. If only we had listened to “democratic” Scandanavians maybe none of that murder and genocide would have happened right Mr. Aursand?

      • There was never a “nice chat”. Even the muslims laughed at the “proposal”.

        Not sure where you are going with this. As I said, this was something that was mentioned more than a year ago. I guess the right-wing extremists needs to dig up old stuff to keep their hate flowing?

      • Not at all do we need the stories of your country to “keep hate flowing”, On this site alone you can find documented cases of murders and rapes of Greeks, in fact we have a section called “Murders and Rapes international media hides”.

        What I am trying to figure out, is if you actually believe that stories like that being a year old, or “laughed at” automatically means that the problem of Muslims eventually taking over Norway does not exist.

        Correct me if I am wrong, but I imagine you think the threat of Muslims taking over Norway is a kind of crazy “conspiracy theory” only believed in by right wing conspiracy theorists.

        If that is the case, I am curious as to what your explanation is for Balkan countries and Greece, who not only face this threat, but have been subjected to it for centuries in the past. When we say that this is a threat, in our country, based on historical fact, what is it about Norway that is so special, that lets you think that it can and never will happen to you?

        PS. I will not be calling you names like others that comment here, I do not wish to insult you, I am more fascinated by the Nordic mind and how it works.

      • Can I ask you something mr. Aursand? Did you have in your country overall any increasing numbers of rapes or nasty sexual harassments from the various Muslim communities against Norwegian girls, or did you not? Did you have any other kind or commitment of crime made from the Muslim society that is growing in a very big speed unlike the birthrates of your own people in your country or did you not? What do you Believe will happen in your country in the next say 60 years, if women and families in your country keep giving birth to children at the same rate they do today, and the Muslim communities in your cities keep multiplying more&more at the rate they Also do today, considering Also the fact that there will be Definitely more&more middle east, African&other muslim immigrants arriving in your country to get a job&settle down every month? Are these big differencies
        regarding the birthrates between average Norwegian mothers and muslim ones I am asking to you a fact&a reality in your country, or are they not? If yes, do you think that this is either healthy or of a benefit to Norway? Do you think that the muslim communities that grow bigger and more beneficial from the EU’s policies in your country will-out of respect to your moral social way of living-set aside&give up their own view of world&culture&praise to Allah&his laws in order to try to adapt with your Norwegian kind of lifestyle and democratic open-minded human-centered and Not Allah-centered understanding? And finally, if your answer to my last question is a yes, please explain to us why it’s positive. Rationally and even mathematically speaking, if you think that the ABOVE article will Not&can Not be A NEW to your country any time in the future, then enlighten us and justify your opposition , since you claimed that this is a matter of laughs. If you have any strong facts to rationalize with your opinion you will reply. Thats what any common person would do if he believed this is All irrational&racist hatred for No reason, rather than to show off inteligence or to show off overall. Don’t you think? Now if you don’t know how to back up your theory that this is all bullshit&actually a subject of laughs, you will hide. And YOU will be in Reality the one who’s trying to play it all intelligent here, a stupid show off and someone who ‘thinks’ he knows what he’s talking about. Let’s see now which of the two it is

  9. Well, it´s not only Norway but all of Northern and Western Europe. I myself am a native German and lived in Germany my first 14 years and many if not most Germans do not sympathize but rather despise non-whites and muslims (of course no one would frankly tell you that). On the outside we all want to be multicultural and non-racist or do we not? Germans had for many years and still have the chance to vote true nationalists (NPD) who want Germany to be a white country but they don´t take the chance. They rather vote the parties of the system as they always did and don´t want to have anything to do with evil nazis. And then we have Sweden where I live since 6 years. On the outside very polite and almost the nicest people you could imagine but in fact very many Swedes are real hypocrites. That´s just a sad but true fact about once proud peoples.

    • Hail Friend!
      We are taught from our first day in school that we should trust those above us, that they have all the answers and that we just have to follow the rules and conform. The problem in Sweden and the other Scandinavian nations is that we have a deep trust in the government. We still believe they want the best for us. I don’t believe that but scandinavians as a people. We still have a functioning society and until that breaks down completely scandinavians will continue to trust the government and the media. Some are waking up. Sadly most of them get scooped up by fake-opposition parties that are funded and concieved by jews and their multiculturalist lackeys.
      What does the average german think of all this? Are they as indoctrinated as the swedes or do they remember the glory of national socialism?

      • Hail Friend!
        I think you´re pretty much referring to Fredrik Reinfeldt´s book “det sovande folket”. I do agree with you on this and it´s unfortunately the same in Germany. You know as long as most people have enough wealth and the number of welfare recipients not only among non-whites but also among the natives themselves is increasing due to a lack of job and increasing decadence there seems to be no need for very many to wake up. By the way are you a native Swede? Another problem is that the press is also very much controlled by corrupt politicians spreading lies about the crime rate and setting fellow Europeans against each other. In public there are increasing concerns about so called neo-nazi movements in Germany but in fact there is nothing like that but rather the media and politicians trying to scare people. I would say that Germans in general are even more indoctrinated then Swedes not much but you it would be unthinkable in Germany that a party such as the Sweden Democrats could enter parliament. I´m in doubt how honest SD really is about its motives if they really want to drastically stop non-european immigration or if they just want to make it less. The party of the Swedes as well as some others mean that they are no real nationalists at all but I think that they just might be using tactics to get more votes so that they could do true nationalist politics after they got enough votes to participate in a government. What do you think about this?
        Hope that I was able to answer your questions.

    • Yes I am a native swede.
      Why would it be unthinkable that a party such as SD would enter parliament? I mean, the way I see it they are fake opposition, there to absorb the people who could join other, more radical movements such as Svenskarnas Parti (SvP). Therefore I see the entire government and all their debates as pure theatre. There would be no real changes occuring under SD, just a short slowing of the immigration before all hell breaks loose again.
      I think that some parties might be toning down the nationalism to try to get into parliament so they can make real changes later on, but SD is not one of them. For the moment I hope for SvP and if nothing big changes I will vote for them next year, both in the EU election and in the government election. Even if they don’t get big next election, their rising numbers will at least rustle some people.
      And thank you for providing an elabore answer to my questions, I appreciate it.

  10. @xaameriki I send a message to your mail address a few weeks ago but didn´t receive any reply. In my message I was asking about where I could purchase a GD t-shirt for showing my solidarity with GD.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon

    Thank you

  11. German Nationalist:Send the Email again. xaameriki@yahoo.com gets so many emails that once in a while one falls through the cracks.

    You can’t buy a shirt (from New York division) by the way, but there is a way to receive one. Email again and you will get a response.

    • Nationalsocialism is a German doctrine, but many of the things they learned in their cataclysmic struggle to save Western civilization are still valid today :

      A) Conservatives and liberals will ally with Communists (even Stalin) if Wall Street and City Of London orders them to.

      B) Jewish power can only be defeated by mirroring their tactics and never taking a defensive position.

      C) Roman and Greek philosophy (Nietzche and Heidegger based their ideas on classical philosophy) are the most powerful and inspiring doctrines to lead a revolution.

  12. Did you notice how quickly Tore Aursand shutup once the problem of rapes was brought up?

    Grow some balls Tore, is that photo of muslims burning the norwegan flag photoshop trickery, as a white norwegan go an burn the saudi arabian flag in mecca, and see how long it takes for your ass to get raped. Or how about saving some airfare money and go to your nearest muslim ghetto and tear a poster of mohamad, and see how long you live there after.

    Don’t repeat the liberal crap you’ve been indoctrinated to believe, about haters and hating, go and tell that to the girls that got gang raped you balless hypocrite, I bet you live in a wealthy part of oslo away from the cultural enrichers you love so much.

    The only thing I can hope for is for you to taste some of that cultural enrichment you want for other norwegans. Then you will change you view very quickly.

    Every animal on the planet will do everything to preserve its life, that is hard coded into every living thing on this planet.

    If you as a reasoning human, disredard the hardcoded law of self preservation, you don’t deserve the life you have.

    Only an idiot will stand by and allow himself to be killed, for the sake of political correctness.

    Wake up idiot, how many more norwegan girls need to be raped, what if your daughter is next.

    • Well, Mr. Aursand is not representative for all Norwegians.
      He is just a simple leftist provocateur not worth to pay any attention to.

    • Well said. There is too much PC (political correctness) shown by governments who pass laws to surpress peoples true feelings. Muslims are allowed to burn a countries flag knowing they will not be prosecuted. Try burning theirs. Try speaking out against their koran or allah. What is the difference between what muslims are doing in Norway (trying to enforce their own laws/beliefs/religeon) and Hitler’s actions and beliefs in the 1930’s??

      • xaameriki, to the naked eye, there may seem to be a lot of difference between Islam, and Hitlers reign. But scrap away the exterior, and there you will find one similar trait, which is pure unadulterated EVIL. For it is only such evil that drive the ideologies of Hitler (nazi’s), and the likes of Islam. Too many want to (even accidentally) to glamorise the such as these two, but as I have said under all that glamorisation, is the very evil of both.
        I do totally agree with you “resistance is never futile”, Mr Bozo Aursand soon folded up his tent when the facts about the evil acts that are occurring in Norway were mentioned. Typical of those of the left ideals, if the left side of politics, and the media tells them that something happen a particular way, then a leftie believes it as absolute truth. But when hard facts are revealed, the likes of Mr Aursand, melt into oblivion never to to be heard of again.
        By the way, I am a resident of Australia (down under), we too are seeing the beginnings of the Islamic terror, and they are only at a 2.5% of our total population so far. Thank goodness, it only took two things to happen here, (1) the ousting of the existing (leftie) Labor national government, and (2) the attack of a radical Islamic, on a cafe in the heart of Sydney, to wake up a sleeping Aussie population, where it is now starting to demand a change of thinking in this country towards a growing Jihadist Islamic threat here in this country of Australia. It has also helped, with the likes of Charliehoblo, and other jihadist attacks, and the violence in Nth Syria, and Nth Iraq, Libya by ISIS (or what ever name it goes by), that we are seeing through social media. We still have a long way to go before we here remove those diseased Islamic Idiolosists from our midst, but it’s a start.
        I hope that every western country wakes up in time, to be able to deal with this crazy barbaric evil belief called Islam.

      • Your opinion is based on what you have heard, rather than a real understanding of National Socialism or Islam. Neither are inherently, “Evil”, what is Evil however, is the traitorous Norwegian politicians who follow the orders of their Jewish bosses, knowing that more and more Norwegians will be raped and murdered and turn a blind eye.

        What most of you people fail to realize is that islam is not the source of these problems, these muslim animals are not magically flying on magic carpets into Norway ilegally. They are being legally imported by Norwegian people who have been brainwashed with 70 years of cultural-marxist ideology that was invented by Jewish intellectuals in Europe during the 1920s. This is exactly the kind of thinking that Hitler was trying to stop, because he knew this would be the end result.

        These muslims haven’t changed over the course of 70 years, they can’t help the way they behave because they are animals, but what has changed is how the Norwegians and other Europeans think.

        None of you seem to focus on that, instead all you do is say simple minded bullshit “oh my god, fucking muslims” without ever questioning what is really behind this problem and how did it come to be.

  13. “resistence is never futile” Excellent Post, my friend… Regarding “Tore Aursand” , in my Country, which was once Great Britain , we have a group of people who call themselves UAF, a bunch of lefty cowardly filth whose favourite pastime is to stand outside Crown Courts and scream loudly in defence of muslim white child “grooming gangs” who they have drugged, raped and prostituted ..The UAF s other pastime is to throw darts and scream and shout at anyone they dont agree with, which they mostly get away with because our once trusted, Police now turn a blind eye to it all…..We have a name for this rabble of UAF marxist/muslim filth,,,we call them the “Great Unwashed”….I may be wrong but our friend Tore Aursand may be of the same….I will end my Post by saying that the controlled traitor David Cameron, Prime Minister of our once safe and beautiful Country is signed up to the UAF along with many others ….Realising our people are slowly waking up, the traitors of the establishment and their corrupt media have introduced a “False Flag” Party called UKIP into the equation hoping it will take votes away from the British National Party , an honest caring Patriotic Party that cares, and the traitors fear for what they have done to our once proud Country…

    • I doubt that UKIP is a party full of traitors since their leader Nigel Farage appears to be a very sympathetic and intelligent man I could see it for myself how he outsmarted the dub leftists such as Schultz and others. That was really brilliant. He is a quick thinker and makes the leftist feel uncomfortable. Of course it could have just been fake but I think that this remains to be seen.

  14. Well it would therefore be unthinkable in Germany since the propaganda against right-wing parties or whatever is considered as such even fake opposition. The alternative for Germany (AFD) is not that much right as it is propagated by the press I think there are even more left than SD but the German system parties were already afraid that such a party could have entered parliament in the last election. Last election was a clear example of ballot-rigging. The AFD was close to pass the 5 % threshold but did mysteriously not make it. You know the system parties they want to keep everything to themselves and in Germany things like immigration are not even seriously discussed and if you have a differing opinion you are immediately outlawed as a Nazi. I also hope that SvP will make it I will vote for them in the next elections. The media likes to portray SvP as being against all Non-Swedes but I rather got the impression that their policies are rather directed against non-whites. According to what I read in their program they just want to stop immigration to Sweden and send all non-whites back to their homelands.

    • I lived in Norway in the late 70s. Although they were tolerant of Muslims and it was fashionable for a nor sk to date a Muslim. They were also open minded to helping the people of these countries. There were already public flare ups. As a foreigner(USA OIL WORKER) I was treated nicely but when IN RETURN TRips as an AMERICAN CONSERVATISM. I started to be mocked and isolated by most but not all norsk. They were very PC.

      I hope without being called a bigot I can say the Nobel peace prize to Obama when he was in power one month tarnished the award as solely political.

      The migration of Islamist has brought the Norsk their first real world problem. They as a lot of Europe never took into consideration theUSA DEALING WITH THESE PROBLEMS CONSTANTLY and the difficulty there in. The USA HAS made mistakes. Vietnam Nam was terribly wrong to say the least.

      The problem is clear. The nationalist are honest. For the PC NORSK. Blame Bush and elect Obama

      A word to the wise it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

  15. I have very reliable information about Muslims activities in Norway. According to my sources, Muslims have spread themselves in some areas of southern Norway and have started a project called “tavalod- el jhad” meaning “birth jihad”. In this project Muslims bring children to birth in secret and not register them. These children will not go to norwegian schools and will be trained in specially and secret islamic schools called “maktab” and after graduating from these schools they will go through restrict Islamic and jahadi teaching of Osama bin ladin in “madraseh” according to reports there are already 3000 children in this project. The aim is to increase the Muslim population without the Norwegian authorities notice it. The plan is this group grows up to 300 000 in 2020 years. These children will claim Norwegian citizenship by the age of 18 telling stories about wrongful acts of parents. These people claim to marry muslims from different Islamic countries and immediatley the number goes up to 600 000. This, plus the existing number of muslims, ca 300 000 makes a population of almost 1 million people. The plan is to move gradually out of Oslo and get the southern and Western Norway. In year 2030 there will be a popular referendom when these people are in majority in those areas. The city of Kristiansand is choosen to act as the capital and the name will be changed to “Muhammadsand”.

  16. Every creature that crawls, slithers, or swims knows to protect its existence. Somehow our government has been infiltrated and brainwashes the whites into believing that protecting ourselves and our family is evil. Most men who grew up with loving/caring fathers see through this b.s., however our women are as dumb as they come. Why is everyone allowed to pursue their destiny, except whites? Its not that we are bad, its because we are WAY TOO GOOD, and everyone else knows it and uses it against us, like a disease. See what happens when you try to help people!?

  17. I’m really sad to hear this. But look when those Turkish (Muslims) did Armrnian genocide and occupayted our lands what happened to them? Nothing amount of Eu countries doesn’t recognise that fact. They killed 1.5 milion Armenians. We r the first Christians in this world and our relative Christian countries doesn’t recognise it.
    I don’t wanna t that it repeated in Eu. They grow up very fast and thats what Norway should expected. Giving them right to live there. I know that Norway is one of the most peaceful and democracy country. And i don’t wanna to see ot in trouble.
    I call all Eu to deal with this question together.

  18. I am from Norway, and your numbers are very wrong. In 2012 there was 180.000 muslims here, and we are 5 million people.
    Most muslims are very nice people, who only want peace, and are just as discusted by radicalism as we are. Even the leaders of the muslim comunity in Norway have spoken up to let everyone know that they do not suppory these people. The ones on the picture are from a grouo of 50 people. No, really. 50. And it is assumed that they have support from a little less than 1000. (2014 numbers.) So… thats 1.000 VS. at least 179.000.
    We should all fight radicalism. It being islamic, or anti-islamic.

    • I see we are dealing with a Nordic genius here, so perhaps you can explain how the islamic invasions in spain under the moors and the ottomans in the entire southeast of europe were “nice people” which lasted centuries and took countless wars to remove then. You think Norweigians are special and that this eventually wont happen to them?

    • Please Norwegian, what race is Islam, what race is Christianity, or Hindi, or Budism? No, none of them are sunshine, they are a belief, not a race get you terminology right, and the odd fact thrown in would be a good idea too.

    • “Very nice people”? You mean apart from being welfare-sucking, mega-breeding, totalitarian, barbaric, murderous, decapitating, primitive, rapist, inbred, paedo, female genital mutilating, intolerant, terrorist, acid-chucking, stoning, ultra-sexist, alcohol-banning, destructive, bombing, etc etc etc HELL-BEASTS?

  19. Muslims say they will take over the world through their women womb . thats why they still practice polygamy. they are doing “love jihad” . they entice non muslim girl and then convert her to muslim religion and then breed like rabbits.

  20. u people r seeing it now. haha we hindus r suffered these things in d hands of portugese, french, english, mughals . now for last 30 yrs islamic fundamentalism gaining roots with help of some secular political pigs . now bombs r evry whr. but how they r gettin these guns ammunitions. same europian countries.


  22. am muslim.. and i dont like whats going there? if they are citizens of Norway, then any sepration from Norway, government should treat it as terrorist ideas and should take back the citizenship from them..and departure them out… they have right to pray and call for their religion but not tights on changing nation or people as they want….

  23. If Norway gives their country to Muslims…..I swear euros are cowards! I don’t understand why Norway are letting these punks do this….”they hate Norway but they don’t want leave Norway…but it is Islam now”! Umm it’s a Viking country! Islam has nothing to do with Norway and if it does get token over by Islam…the Vikings of Norway have turned into women!

  24. ask the Asgardians and the Olympians gods to smythe these non believers and send them back to where crevice or piece of rock or wherever barren desert they hail from.

  25. Invite and tolerate Muslims to live among you and that is what you get. If you want to partake of a nation of peace and civilization, you must not tolerate Islam but promptly ban it from your country. If you do not believe in my advice, then do 2 things: Read the Quran and open your eyes to observe Islamic culture.

  26. Heh, and Europe attack Serbs while we fight agians Jihad in middle of Europe, now you have two basical islamic countries Bosnia and Kosovo. Serbs won’t forget, Serbs wont leave it.
    The time will come… We lived here for thousands years. And wi will continue.

    We met Vikings as a friends, germans as a friends, Greeks as a brothers. Arabs as a foe. But Europe did back stab to us.

  27. Orbán, the Hungarian leader, said it like it is. “Refugees”? More like invading SOLDIERS, 80% of these invaders (to Germany) being MALE. He’s a breath of fresh air among the insanity of seat-warming, pocket-lining, corrupt & unscrupulous useless European politicians. What’s with the old witch Merkel? Without asking even ONE German, she has insanely SWAMPED Germany with a tsunami of welfare-sucking, mega-breeding, totalitarian, barbaric, murderous, decapitating, primitive, rapist, inbred, paedo, female genital mutilating, intolerant, terrorist, acid-chucking, stoning, ultra-sexist, alcohol-banning, destructive, bombing, etc etc etc HELL-BEASTS.

  28. did anyone notice that this “article” is from 2013? anyhow, it feels pretty much actual nowadays … I wonder what Breivik “The Anonymous Hero” would say about this situation out of control …. he warned us (although his methods were a bit radical) … but still the message was clear … depicting Islam as a trojan horse in Europe

  29. They can marry 4 wives, though jobless, still get as many children as possible since the shelter countries or tax payers are kind enough to feed them. Haven’t you awaken yet?

  30. Q1. From when did Muslims were permitted to enter & reside in Norway (and other Scandinavian & European countries dominated by Christian Religion) ? Q2. Why they were permitted to reside in the country with all the liberty of Public Display of Muslim Religion ? Q3. WHO amongst Norway Authorities permitted Muslims to enter, reside & display their religion in public ? To be precise; the Authorities who are responsible for all afore said are ANTI NATIONAL, NOT AT ALL WORRIED ABOUT “NATIVES”, are CORRUPT and BOUGHT by Muslims to be part of “LONG TERM CONSPIRACY” to Islamize the Whole World. The Leaders of the Whole World are SAME; can be Bought and are READY to SALE their COUNTRY & NATIVES. BEWARE, you still have time to react CORRECTLY but IMMEDIATELY. *Liberalism is ONLY for Liberals. *Bad shall NEVER be treated Good. *There are NO Human Rights for Inhuman. AWAKE EUROPE AWAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Where is the Viking Spirit of my ancestors? Round up the trouble makers with there families and ship these Pigs of Islam back to the source of Terrorism. ……Saudia Arabia, dump them off 1 km from the Saudi shore and let them sink or swim to their paradise. Did not the PM start shipping the garbage out last year.

  32. If all this is verified then there is one simple solution. Since they are not happy anywhere, force them to leave. Get rid of all of them and bring back the pride of the Norwegian kingdom. Also I feel this should apply to all countries the have infiltrated. Let them go back to their own arid hell hole and them fight between themselves

    • Where do you get that statistic from. According to Norways own government statistics, there are 5.2 million people in Norway. 600 thousand foreigners, and about 50% are from muslim countries. That means at least 300,000 people and is likely a lot more. I thought Norway had good schools. Does 300,000 out of 5.2 million equal less than 1% mr. Gregerson?

      • I am a christian norwegian. Muslims in norway are much kinder and more helpfull than anyone else. Muslims are also the biggest donators to christian charities in norway.

      • Yeah, I’m sure they are donating their semen into the Norwegian girl rape victims also.

        So what you are saying is that while Muslim immigrants in the whole of Europe, Germany, the UK, your neighboring Sweden is the rape capital of Europe due to them, but somehow magically in Norway they are “kinder and more helpful than anyone else”.

        How is that possible? Why don’t you enlighten us? You are saying the rapes by muslims don’t happen in Norway? Or if they do, it is a small price to pay for all the kind and gentle muslims who donate to christian charities?

        You know Christians also believe that to lie is a sin, and either you are a liar, or an insane person with no compassion when it comes to Norwegians getting raped. Some “Christian” you are.

  33. Sghj, don’t fall victim of taqiyya. Search Wikipedia to know the meaning of that. Using taqiyya, Muslims are required to show friendship outwardly to non Muslims but Neva inwardly just to protect themselves from persecution especially when they are of the minority. Don’t be deceived folks, don’t let ur open mindedness and charity ruin you. This comin from a Nigerian whose country is divided btw Christians and muslims. Non Muslims face persecutions every now and then, these Muslims you think are nice to you in Europe, they aren’t nice at all, it is only their religious obligation called taqiyya to convert you and then form a critical opposition to the status quo and then hunt you and your children down until you convert. Now they don’t stand a chance of success if they use violent jihad, so they resort to taqiyya or deceit or hijra also called mass migration which is part of the whole essence of jihad. Bless you

  34. I think “Muslims” is not a religion. It is a political organization. They just want to destroy the world. Look at Nigeria, Sudan. they totally destroyed those countries. New they aimed at India and Europe.

  35. All the way these mother fuckers(Muslims) making same nasty problems, even in India too. I dont know what the fuck they are reading in Quran

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