8 comments on “Golden Dawn America Radio EPISODE 12: Eternal Recurrence

  1. While researching, I just came upon the fact that Geert Wilders was funded and possibly legally defended in 2010 and/or 2011 by Philadelphia’s Middle East Forum pro-Israeli think tank. I mention it because one point in the above post is that the May 68 student rebellion was engined by certain jews for ulterior motives. GD has talked briefly about how some of the seemingly nationalist, or in their words anti-immigration movements in Europe aren’t true nationalists at all.

    Geert Wilders is just another puppet I imagine in the Zionists chess game. He’s been funded by the US Zionists, though, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to me.

    It’s incredible that pro-Whites in the US spend so much time infighting and so little time actually challenging their true enemy. We are totally ZOG and probably the main exporters of ZOG yet we stand around bickering, picking on women, and studying black people when we should be uniting and taking back our government and culture.

    I don’t think we have it in us, though. At least not in any present iteration of ‘pro-White.’ We really need a Golden Dawn in the US, to give Whites here and all over the world some chance at saving themselves.

  2. Hope I’m not spamming…if anyone wants a primer on some of the differences between UKIP and BNP in the UK to learn more about other european nationalists here’s a link:


    I assume Britain’s EDL is defunct, and it was always overtly pro-zionist anyway.

    I am convinced that anti-Zionist forces in the US and Europe must forge some kind of unity to preserve our civilizations. GD has leads the way in proving it can be done.

    Le Pen in France is an appeaser, Wilders a mercenary. I don’t know enough about UKIP or BNP or the Norwegian far right to make firm judgments.

    But I have plenty about the ‘leaders’ of the US.

    • Wasting valuable time talking about the EDL, Le Pen, Wilders, and other assorted Butt-Goy is just an exercise in impotence.

      The line in Europe is being drawn between those that Jews invite to their dinner party, and those outside ready to burn the whole fucking thing down. People will see for themselves when Front National, UKIP, Austrian Freedom Party, and Vlaams Belang get into their little polite society alliance at the EU parliament….and do nothing. Maybe they’ll force Arab immigrants to watch gay porn and increase police protection in Jewish communities like is done in Holland.

      But in the end people will see just how useless groups like that are in solving Europe’s demographic and economic crisis, and eventually vote them out just like they did with the Left. Those who actually fight for their race get imprisoned, their characters assassinated, and murdered, as the system is doing to Golden Dawn.

      A good rule of thumb is to take everything the media says and believe the polar opposite. Whatever figure they whip up hatred against, whether it’s Assad or Michaloliako, is usually the good guy. The National Front is the first party in one of Europe’s largest countries, yet the international Jewish press attacks and smears what they say is the third party of one of Europe’s smallest states. They have Le Pen and her circumcised boyfriend in their pocket.

      • I was just providing a link for americans who are sifting through the information. The american circles of pro-White are divided and sometimes under-informed about how much control the zionists have. Many have great hopes and express support for Le Pen when she is really just the same old.

        The divide in Europe between dinner party guests and true revolutionaries also applies to the US. Thank you for the link to Le Pen.

  3. Another great podcast guys, keep it up! I enjoy listening to these and keeping up with news(Unbiased news of course) in Greece. It is like you said, Greece is making history right now, I’m very happy for them, they are strong people indeed. I definitely enjoyed reading up on their history, that’s for sure. 🙂

  4. Have a look at Marine Le Pen embarrasing her great father and kissing up to a bunch of ghetto Jews that have, by accident of history, found themselves ruling the European Union. She’s got that circle K tattooed on her ass and has vowed to continue working towards increasing the EU subsidies to the illegitimate Zionist state of Israel, persecuting “holocaust deniers”, etc.

    Of course the leaders of the European Jewish Union in this clip suddenly don’t mind different political opinions, as long as they are little more than ham-fisted anti-Muslim parties.

  5. What is hate speech? Hate speech is speech Jews hate. You know who controls your country by noticing who you can’t criticize.

    In Cuba you can’t mock Castro. In North Korea you better cry when a Kim dies.

    But in Europe it’s open season on political figure heads. In Europe who has ever gone to jail for denying the Armenian or Greek genocides? Thousands have made careers out of attacking the white people, males, and the family, but you can get away even criticizing some of the sacred cows like blacks, Arabs, homosexuals, etc, although to different degrees. You can openly praise Communism and publicly display the hammer and sickle in the capitalist EU. The Norwegian government supported a cartoonist that drew Mohammad with a bomb as a turban under the guise of free speech, while the EU frothed at the mouth with the same zeal as a Jihadist during the Iranian Holocaust cartoon competition. Countries like France and Holland publicly persecute even elements of Islam.

    So knowing all this…who can’t you criticize? And what happens in “free Europe” when you criticize them? Why do such benevolent Chosen people abuse their complete control of the political, media, academic, and financial realm in order to silence or outright murder dissidents?

  6. Holy smokes. I thought that “I’ll give it a shot”, and started to listen on this pod-cast. I have listened 60 minutes so far.

    We are totally on the same line. It’s really great to know that fellow (exile) Europeans also know how the world spins!

    I’ve been to Crete twice when I was a child. I think I’ll have to go Greece soon again!

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